Truth For All Seasons

I really enjoy the book of the Bible, 1 Peter.  I love how relevant that it is to given situations, including the one we are in right now.  Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, wrote the letter to believers who had been scattered throughout multiple geographic regions.  And he’s writing to believers who are facing […]

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Whose Faith is it Anyways?: A College Kid’s Reflection on Growing Up in a Christian Home

A guest blog post from Crosspoint’s Worship and Communications Intern, Chris Garcia…   In my early high school years, my dad would intentionally remind me that I needed to make my faith my own; that there would come a time when I’m not going to have anyone waking me up for church in the morning […]

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Book Groups – Fall 2020

Who: Groups of 2-4 people (post-high school and up).  Groups of men and groups of women.   What: Book groups will gather on a consistent basis to discuss the content of solid books to help us learn and grow as disciples.  In the fall of 2020, we’ll be reading the book, Delighting in the Trinity. […]

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Sanctify them by the truth

I love the clarity of the Scriptures.  For instance, in John 17:17, we get to read of Jesus praying for you and I.  For His future believers, and so we get to clearly hear one thing the Lord wants to do in every believer, no matter their age or how long they have followed Him. […]

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Coronavirus, the Conscience, and the Unity of the Church

In disputable matters, it is not right for us as a Body to divide over such disagreements. We can discuss these and should discuss them. But to nurture bitterness over these things is not the way of Jesus. The Bible has much to say regarding the cultivation of Christian unity over disputable matters. We can lean on this wisdom to help us reflect the character of Christ to one another, even when we disagree on things. God will use the friction of our differences to fortify our unity–if we lean into the Spirit of His wisdom and not our understanding.

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I’m Thankful For…

In the midst of this ‘shelter in place’ season, here is a list of people I’m thankful for.  This is not an exhaustive list, nor in order from most to least thankful.  This is simply the Lord bringing Crosspointers to my mind and heart, who I am thanking Him for right now.   Those Who […]

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