Get to know: Kent and Amber

On June 2, we announced that Kent Hinrichsen was joining the Crosspoint staff as our new Youth and College Pastor.  Since that announcement, Kent and his girlfriend, Amber Penick, have gotten engaged.  Kent officially begins at Crosspoint on September 9.  We are so excited for both Kent and Amber to be among the Crosspoint family

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Wise Words

The Scriptures have much to say about the power of our words.  The book of Proverbs specifically.  Below is a list of several proverbs (not an exhaustive list) that we’d be wise to seek to live by. 

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Deepening Fellowship

Subjects like weather, jobs, kids, sports, and schedules aren’t bad at all.  But they also are not intended to be where we stop.  We must dig deeper and dive further. The Good News of God’s grace calls us deeper as the family of God. 

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Full Circle Disciplemaking

I pray that when these moments happen in our lives, when we encounter those who served as Christlike witnesses to us, both before knowing the Lord and after knowing Him, that our hearts might fill with gratitude.  And our mouths might express thanksgiving both to the Lord and to the faithful disciplemakers that He has used in our lives for our good and His glory.

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