Pride follow up…

From Matt Wiegand… Great message this past Sunday (5/11) from Pastor Dave about pride.  If you missed it, go find it on Crosspoint’s website and “LISTEN” to it. What is ironic about pride is, when I am trying to be humble or act in humility, my pride continues to rear its ugly head. What do I […]

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Secret Service Pastor

Shhhh….Don’t tell him I took this picture…. But I wanted you to see it.  It’s almost as good as capturing a photo of Bigfoot.  And not because he’s tall and has large shoes.  And not because it’s rare.  But because it’s rare.  Let me explain… Folks, what we have here is a bonafide “Secret Service […]

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Shifting Blame

As I look back on my life, I can see how I tried to shift the blame or point the finger at someone or something else.  I see it in my kids sometimes, how they are quick to blame the other person for their own wrong doing instead of owning up to it.  “Well she […]

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Humility…understanding that you haven’t arrived and are continually in need of His grace. Humility…realizing that you are in need of a Savior. Humility…serving others when you don’t feel like it or when it can be inconvenient. Humility…choosing to understand, not understood, first. Humility…absolutely vital in the relationships within the Body of Christ. Humility…putting the interests […]

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I used to be more flexible.  I really did…I promise.  As a kid, I would sometimes watch TV in this upside-down-tripod-thing (I lived in the country…we had to be creative in how we entertained ourselves).  In middle school and high school, it wasn’t any big deal to touch my toes.  One of my nicknames was […]

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