Two Services – Nuts and Bolts

With the beginning of two services, here are a few nuts and bolts thoughts on this change.

Checking children in and out of SonChasers:

Check-in will be available 15 minutes before the start of each service (8:45 and 10:15).  If your children will be in both services, you are encouraged to check them in at both services, which will help us have a more accurate attendance number.  If you are picking up children following the 9:00 service, we encourage you to have them checked-out and be out of the Family Room area by 10:15.  That gives you about 10 minutes after the conclusion of the service.  Our hope is to help the hallway to be less crowded for those families who are checking in children for the 10:30 service.  We would encourage you to stick around though and have conversations and ‘build relationships’ in the foyer area of the Living Room.

SonChasers children in the Living Room services:

We know some Crosspointers will be having their SonChasers-age child or children with them in the main service.  This is often the case for those families who are serving in one service and then attending the other.  Some parents might be wondering if that is appropriate.  You bet it is!  I think there is value in having your children alongside you, watching you worship, give, open your Bibles, and engage in the service.  As we approach topics that may have more of a PG-13 nature, I will give you a heads up prior to that Sunday so you are aware and can adjust if necessary.  The 8-week series on Peter in April and May, should be more than appropriate for children, and could lead to some great conversations after the service with your family.

Prior to each service

I encourage you to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the beginning of the service.  Whether you have children or not, that time allows you to catch your breath if the morning has been harried, check in children if you have them, and talk to fellow Crosspointers and meet someone new.   I then encourage you to be in your seat ready to roll at the start of the service.  To come anticipating the Lord to work in your life.  To be ready and prepared to hear from Him.  If nothing else, simply pray to the Father as you sit down… “Lord, I’m here.  Speak to me, teach me, change me.  All for you glory.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.”


Thank you for your grace and flexibility as we embark on this new adventure Crosspoint.  I’m sure we’ll learn much in the coming weeks and months.  I’m thankful that we’re in this together and following where the Lord is leading us together.  I couldn’t be more excited, or more thankful for the Crosspoint family, and what the Lord has in store for us!