You Have Been Filled

Have you ever felt inadequate as a follower of Christ? Maybe you couldn’t find the right words to say to comfort a grieving friend.  Maybe you didn’t know how pray for something or someone.  Maybe you had a hard time trusting God to provide for you and your family.  Maybe you couldn’t resist a temptation. […]

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I have a lot of unfinished things in my life.  Things I’ve started on but haven’t completed. Or things that need attention that I haven’t gotten around to doing just yet. I have a plethora (I’ve always wanted to use that word in a blog post) of house projects to complete. I have a guitar […]

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Down and Out

From Kevin Funk… My daughter’s life has been taking a few turns for the worse as of late. I mean multiple bumps in the road. It all started last June when my daughter crashed and burned into the spring board at gymnastics. The coaches thought she just had a mild concussion.  Only to find out that the […]

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Encouragement? Yes Please!

From Kevin Funk… If any of you who are reading this know me, you will find out that one of my spiritual gifts is the gift of encouragement.  Now I’m not saying this as some sort of pat-on-the-back comment.  I receive joy when I’m able to come along side someone in a time of need […]

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