Stars or Sand

It is so evident to see the organized creation in this and the mark of an intelligent designer…Scripture says the creation and heavens declare the glory of God (Ps 19:1), and that God determines the number of stars and gives names to all of them (Ps 147:4).  We serve an all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-present God. 

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“Daddy, watch me.”

Our family went on a camping vacation to northern Michigan in July.  It was a great getaway for our family.  Lots of memories were made and lots of family bonding took place.  On the way home, we took a break from camping and stayed the night in a hotel for the evening.  After 7 nights […]

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Decision Time

From Kevin Funk… I was recently driving with a friend of mine and his son while on the way to do some errands.  He said something that made me think “I wouldn’t have said that in front of a child.”  That got me thinking about what is it that helps us filter our thoughts and […]

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