The Ongoing Rhythm of Prayer

Some prayers we utter are answered in a matter of moments, if not before they are even spoken.  Some prayers are answered over the span of days, months, or years. Some prayers go seemingly unanswered to us this side of Heaven.  I have examples from my own life that fit in all three of those […]

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Teach Us To Love As You Love

Earlier in 2020, we began having a formal pastoral prayer time in our Sunday services. I’ve greatly appreciated this addition to the service for a variety of reasons, including being led in prayer by one of our shepherds and hearing their heart for the Lord and the church who they care for and love. Below […]

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Praying in Total Dependence

In our current ministry year (September 2020-August 2021), we believe the Lord is calling us to make progress in four specific areas as His people.  Praying in Total Dependence Equipping the Saints Growing into Maturity Walking in Love Together We cast vision in August and September to these areas in a message series called ‘Reset.’  […]

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Pray Without Ceasing

He is able.  He is wise.  He is powerful.  He is near.  He does not forsake His children.  He comforts.  He provides.  God’s people are to be a dependent people.  Dependent upon Him for all things, in all times, and in all seasons.

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Key Prayer

So, last Fall, my key to our van went missing.  We still have the other key, but this one just up and vanished, like that sock that somehow manages to work its way out of a load of laundry somewhere between the washer and the dryer, never to be found again. Up to this point […]

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Growing in Prayerfulness

As Christ followers, we are seeking to grow in prayerfulness.  So if that is our desire, how do we do that?  I believe we need to grow in two streams, if you will, of prayer.  Praying in blocks of time, and praying as we go.  And when these streams come together, we’ll find the Lord […]

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Send Us

As a church, we are seeking to grow in prayerfulness in the year ahead.  As we move into another calendar year of ministry, we are asking the Lord to do 6 things in us as His people.  This is our prayer…Wake Us.  Humble Us.  Change Us.  Anchor Us.  Unite Us.  Send Us. Jesus prayed to […]

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