Kingdom Rock Recap (VBS 2013)

We will Trust, Trust in God Alone. We will Stand, Stand upon his Word. And whatever comes our way, we are Strong! And We are Brave!   His Truth will be our guide through the day and the darkest night. Our God will give us strength. We are Strong!  And We are Brave!

And we will Stand Together, Stand Forever!  We will Stand Strong!  Standing up for God each day, we will STAND STRONG!

What an AWESOME week we had.  Exhausting?  maybe.  Worth it?  Absolutely!!  Teaching our children (the church of TODAY) to lean into God, trust Jesus, encourage each other and find answers in the Bible…our volunteer team of 100+ were the hands and feet of Jesus this week. EVERYONE went above and beyond – from the Decorations, to the Crafts, Crew Leaders, to Lady Cheri & Sir Wally, the Worship team, Snacks, Games, Epic Bible Adventures, and Staff (Green) Room.  And who can forget the totally fabulous Family Fun Night?!?  (Thank You, God, for the beautiful weather as we hosted families outdoors on Thursday night!)  Wah-hoo!  All of it for the Glory of God!

Lives were changed – both young and old.  That’s the true beauty of Vacation Bible School.  Jesus & His Word become more than just words on a page at VBS.  You just have to experience it to understand what I mean.  And once you’ve experienced it, you will not soon forget.

Here are some numbers = souls for Christ (not just numbers)

Our Largest Attendance was on Tuesday evening = 162 kids!

Our total number of Kids attending (even if for 1 night) was 180!

That represents about 28 NON-Crosspoint Families (or 47 non-Crosspoint kids!).

Praise the Lord!

Each night’s Fanfare Finale included a “Spotlight Drama” that featured our very own kids.  I hope you’ll enjoy looking through these & discussing them as a family : )

VBS Kingdom Rock 2013 Recap from Crosspoint Community Church on Vimeo.