Compassion Sunday

This past Sunday (Dec 8) was a “Compassion Sunday” at SonChasers.  As you know, SonChasers takes an offering every week and this money goes toward the sponsorship of 7 children through Compassion International.  It is a privilege that we can help to provide for the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of these children living in […]

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Advent 2019

So here we are.  December 2019.  The pumpkin décor has been packed away and in its place the sparkle and the shine of Christmas.  If you didn’t already turn your calendar page, you’d better!  Because December is sure to fill up with all the special events it can possibly hold…  concerts and performances, shopping and […]

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The Gospel Project in SonChasers

Our SonChasers children’s ministry (in September 2018) began a 3-year chronological journey through the Scriptures, called the Gospel Project.  You can see the passages/texts they will cover here (ignore the ‘Adult & Student’ line as that does not pertain to Crosspoint).  You can also check out the 12 posters along the wall in the Crosspoint […]

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A Season of Hope

All of us want to do special things during the holiday season, make memories with our loved ones, and bring true meaning (back) to the center. But how?  What does it look like, practically speaking?  How can we fit it in?  and does it even matter? Discipleship always matters. Start by putting aside regret for […]

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Team:  a group of people who work together; a group of players forming one side in a competitive game or sport[i]; a group of people with a full set of complementary skills required to complete a task, job, or project.  Team members operate with a high degree of interdependence, share authority and responsibility for self-management, are […]

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Opening the Bible…together

As we continue our journey through the Bible chronologically (via The Gospel Project), I hope your family is enjoying new opportunities to open the Bible and discuss together.  We’ve certainly read enough for questions to arise from kids: Why did God create the world?  Why would one brother plot and steal from another?  How do […]

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SonChasers – Summer 2015

Here’s some SonChasers NEWS you need to know for SUMMER 2015… 1.  SonChasers kids will move-up to their new classes at the same time that they move-up in school.  In other words, kids will continue to attend their same SonChasers classes for the summer months.  SonChasers Move-up Day is Aug. 23 (Dist. 140 students go […]

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Why I serve at VBS…

One event we love around Crosspoint is our summer VBS!  Crosspoint’s 2015 VBS is happening June 28-July 2.  Email Holly McClain if you want to be involved!  Here is a testimony from a Crosspointers, Dave and Mindy Stalter, on why they serve at VBS…   Why do we volunteer with VBS? Well, I would say we […]

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