Why I Serve in Children’s Ministry

A blog post written by Joel Zehr, a Crosspoint elder and member…


I have had the opportunity to serve in our children’s ministry for quite some time now. I spent time, when we met at the middle school, caring for toddlers which included singing songs, listening to a bible story, making sure kids didn’t drink out of each others cups, and occasionally picking kids up and telling them that they were not allowed to climb up on top of the piano. I have spent time teaching the five year old and kindergarten class and have seen kids go from singing on Sunday mornings in Sonchasers years ago, to now playing in the worship band on Sunday evenings at Hype. I have volunteered at Vacation Bible School and have been physically exhausted by the end of the week, but also have seen God at work in the lives of children and adults alike.

In all of this time I have realized two things:

Children’s ministry is a vital part of a healthy church and provides children with the biblical foundation that will shape them as they grow. Children’s ministry is evangelism. There are opportunities to share the gospel with children, possibly for the first time.  Children are naturally inquisitive and they want to learn. They will ask questions, they will want to know why and it is important that they hear and learn biblical truths from a young age. It is an opportunity to disciple. The truth of the gospel is reinforced when children hear others saying the things they hear at home. Workers in children ministry get to partner with parents in a unique way to help model what a follower of Christ looks like. As children continue to grow, they will have trusted adults that can help to teach them biblical truths and discernment.

Children’s ministry has provided me with countless opportunities to be reminded of the joy and hope that is found in a life lived in Christ. I have been able to sit with children and open God’s word and read together. I have seen children stand and read God’s word to each other, talk about God’s truth with their teachers and sing with joy in their hearts to their creator. This is a refreshing joy that I need to have in my life when I find myself slipping into cynicism about something that happened during the week. I have been able to see children grow in their walk with Christ, share about what bible verses they are memorizing, and pray with them for their family and friends.

Serving in Sonchasers has been a blessing over the years. I have found that God has not only used me to help disciple children as followers of Christ, but has renewed my joy and awe that I have in my savior, Jesus Christ.