Man Camp 2015 Greatest Hits

From Kevin Funk… For those who don’t know, Man Camp is a weekend retreat in Lawton Michigan at the Miracle Camp Retreat Center. This weekend is for men who enjoy fellowship, diving into God’s Word, and doing manly things like shooting skeet, eating bacon, zip lines, grilling your own steak, paintball, eating endless bacon, basketball, […]

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Don’t Miss Out

From Kevin Funk… I believe God has a purpose for every moment, with every person, that He gives us here on earth. I’d love to share a story of how God has changed my view on this perspective. This past weekend my family and I were invited to hang out with some good friends of ours at […]

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Scrambled Eggs

From Kevin Funk… Has anyone ever felt like their life has been turned upside down to the point to where your brain feels like scrambled eggs? I mean almost to the point of an out of body experience to where life just got out of your control. Let me take you back about a year ago when […]

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Down and Out

From Kevin Funk… My daughter’s life has been taking a few turns for the worse as of late. I mean multiple bumps in the road. It all started last June when my daughter crashed and burned into the spring board at gymnastics. The coaches thought she just had a mild concussion.  Only to find out that the […]

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Jesus has Arrived!

From Kevin Funk… It’s the most important announcement ever! “Glory to God in highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased.” (Luke 2:14 NLT) What would the world be like if everyone lived with the glory of God in full view? Imagine what it would be like if every heart of every […]

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Do all babies go to Heaven?

From Kevin Funk… “What happens to babies and young children when they die?” This was a question posed to me from my daughter just a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoy talking to her about things like this. It’s healthy for our kids to feel comfortable to ask us grownups things, without the fear of getting […]

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Peace Amidst Politics

From Rohn Peterson… As the elections draw closer, I ran across a verse in Ecclesiastes that will help people know how to vote in November.  Ecclesiastes 10:2 says “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of a fool to the left.”  There you have it, a biblical endorsement to vote […]

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Don’t forget your sword!

From Kevin Funk… In one of my first blogs I talked about taking Jesus with you on vacation. It’s still one of my most fondest memories hearing the voice of God as I came back from San Diego. Flying back into Peoria, God said “I missed you”. See I forgot to take my Bible and didn’t hardly […]

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Be the light!

From Matt Wiegand… As our boys go back to school, Tiff and I have been praying for them.  We pray for them to be courageous, bold and have open ears to learn. We also pray the boys will be children of the light.  We ask God to walk with them each day into their schools, […]

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