Jesus has Arrived!

From Kevin Funk…

It’s the most important announcement ever! “Glory to God in highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased.” (Luke 2:14 NLT)

What would the world be like if everyone lived with the glory of God in full view? Imagine what it would be like if every heart of every person was captured by the presence and power of the Lord. I know how awesome right?

Well enter political corruption, fluctuation of markets, sexual perversion, and really anything dishonest and deceitful. All these things happen because we forget about the glory of God and pursue our own self interests, fame, and power. But this list isn’t just for the celebrities and athletes.

When we look at God’s Word and take a look inward, you can count on the fact that we like to find our own glory in many ways. The principle motivation of our heart was supposed to be that God would be praised in every moment of life. If we are honest there are plenty of times where we just don’t care about the glory of God. Instead we replace Him with temporary self-glories we hope will satisfy.

Imagine a world where every person lived at peace with God. A kind of peace where war is absent. No racial tension. No mental illness. It only took 2 chapters in the first book of the Bible for sin to break God’s perfect plan for us. Adam and Eve broke that peace with God, and when we don’t have peace with God we struggle to find peace from within. If we look at our own lives they are riddled with conflicts.

I believe we live our lives sometimes in conflicted relationships because we get glory wrong. This is what I’m trying to say…..good news isn’t good news unless you first know the bad news. You can’t try to fix something unless you know it’s broken. I wouldn’t start taking an engine apart unless I knew it was broken.

The Good News of Christmas is that Jesus came to earth to fix what is broken-our hearts. Because He came to earth, we have the desire and ability to live for the glory of God and live at peace with others. Christ was born to save and help you!  I’ve never looked at Luke 2:14 like this but this is what I LOVE about the Word of God. Reading the same scripture over and over but getting something completely different each time just amazes me!

I encourage you to take the time and read about Jesus’s birth again with expectant hearts to explore something new. God will reveal what He wants you to see. Enjoy!