Show and Tell – January 2015

In January, we are kicking off a four week series called ‘Show and Tell.’

As Christ followers, we are called and commanded to both show and tell of our faith.  To show and reflect the love of God to those around us.  And to tell of the Good News, the love of God found in Jesus alone.  Our vision says that we are ‘Driven to Reach People.’  We pursue that vision not only by sending out missionaries and doing work globally, but also reaching the people closest to us.  Our neighbors, friends, coworkers, family members, teammates, etc.

On Sunday, January 4, we’ll be kicking off this 4 week series, by having Bill Allison with us to preach that first week.  Bill and his family are one of the missionaries that Crosspoint supports, and is a great friend and encouragement to our ministry.  Donuts and coffee are happening at 9:15 that morning too.

Then in conjunction with the four week Sunday series, we’ll be offering church-wide training on Wednesday evenings.  We’ll be working through Cadre Ministries’ Evangelism is Relationships.  You will not want to miss this training and an opportunity to be around other Crosspointers, taking next steps in being driven to reach people.

So plan to be a part of not only Sunday mornings, but Wednesday evenings!  If you’re a part of a community group, get your fellow group members there!  If you’re a parent of a HYPE student, attend with your student.  Imagine what God could do through a group of His people who lived to show and tell of the Good News in everything!


When?  Training will be happening on Wednesday evenings in January (7, 14, 21, 28).  Doors will open at 6:30pm.  Training will happen from 7:00-8:30pm.  Bill Allison, who is a dynamic communicator, will be leading our training each night!

Who?  Training is open to any Crosspointer, 7th grade or older.

Childcare?  Yes, we intend on offering free childcare.  If you can make other arrangements that make sense for your household, great.  That will help make the childcare at the church building more manageable.  If you can’t, we will have childcare available to help you be able to be a part of the training and would love to serve you in that way.

Training materials?  We’ll be handing out the training manual, etc. on the first night on January 7.

What about HYPE?  We intentionally chose Wednesday nights for the training in order to encourage both students and adults in next steps in being driven to reach people.  Our students are not the church of tomorrow, but today.  And what better time to equip them to be a light and testimony to their schools and friends. Plus, instead of adding another night to our calendars, we wanted to simplify by utilizing Wednesdays.  HYPE will then resume its regular weekly routine on February 4 with a new series.

Why this training and why now?  What better way to kick off 2015, than to encourage us to both show and tell of the Good News.  If we are honest, evangelism is something we often struggle with, and either end up paralyzed by fear or we assume someone else will do it, and we won’t have to.  Neither response is Biblical.  Evangelism is not just something for super-Christians, nor is it a sales job.  Evangelism is relationships.  It is found people, finding people.  It is God’s people living as a light and witness to the world around them.  Both Erik and I have gone through the training and found it to be a great encouragement and challenge.  But evangelism is not just a ‘pastor thing.’  It is a Jesus following thing.  So join us!

If you know you want to get in on the training, email me (Dave), and we’ll get you signed up.  If you have other questions, feel free to contact me (