Eight Years In

This week marks 8 years that I have been on staff full time as a pastor at Crosspoint.  As I reflect back over those 8 years, it feels simultaneously like a lifetime has passed and like I’m just getting started. Over those years, God has used his Spirit and his Word applied through many, many […]

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Conviction versus Condemnation

Dear Christ follower, Conviction and condemnation will both happen in our lives, but one is from the Holy Spirit, and one is from the devil.  And we can unfortunately confuse them. Conviction.  This is when the Holy Spirit puts His finger on something happening in our lives right now (John 16:8) “This is what is […]

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“Come, follow me” – Jesus

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said (Mark 1:17) You and I have followed people our entire lives.  When I was a kid, I followed my mom and dad around.  I followed friends and began to take after what they did.  I remember playing  basketball in the driveway as a kid, boombox plugged in, mix tape playing […]

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Jesus has Arrived!

From Kevin Funk… It’s the most important announcement ever! “Glory to God in highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased.” (Luke 2:14 NLT) What would the world be like if everyone lived with the glory of God in full view? Imagine what it would be like if every heart of every […]

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No Greater Love

From Kevin Funk… My last blog had a patriotic theme woven into it via ground zero. During this Fourth of July season I would like to continue to pledge my allegiance to the freedom we all have through our God who has given it to us. But I’d also like to take this a step further. I […]

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From Ground Zero to Hero

From Kevin Funk… On May 21st the Ground Zero museum opened in New York. This museum is built where the twin towers once stood, but actually some of its core exhibits are built seven stories beneath the surface of the ground. With as much about September 12th as it is about 9-11, the Museum provides a case study […]

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He Works in the Mess

I’m grateful that our God works in the midst of, and despite the mess of our lives.  Do you have a spotless, blameless, and clean background and history?  Yeah, neither do I.  In our current study of the Song of Solomon and ‘The Adventure’ series, you might get the idea or impression that God only […]

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Show and Tell

I loved show and tell day in grade school.  Bringing the project or collection from home, the pet, the random souvenir that I got on vacation.  Show and tell day was this opportunity to reveal something about yourself to your class.  Maybe something they didn’t know, or maybe something that they’d heard you talk about, […]

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The Gospel Is

From Dan McClain… There are three truths that were on my mind today.  First, a man wearing only one sock, has more than likely stepped in something.  Second, if there is music playing at the McClain’s house, there will be children dancing.  Third, the Gospel does not need anything added to it.  The missing sock […]

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Oh What Love

From Kevin Funk…   I’d like to briefly talk about Ephesians 5:22-29. Open up your bibles and take your time with this. I can already hear the groans from the women. There have been hundreds of books written about these few verses. This may be one of the most controversial topics of today is that […]

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