From Ground Zero to Hero

From Kevin Funk…

On May 21st the Ground Zero museum opened in New York. This museum is built where the twin towers once stood, but actually some of its core exhibits are built seven stories beneath the surface of the ground. With as much about September 12th as it is about 9-11, the Museum provides a case study in how ordinary people acted in extraordinary circumstances, their acts of kindness, compassion and generosity of spirit demonstrating the profoundly constructive effect we can have on each other’s lives by the choices we make, even in the face of unspeakable destruction.

As you walk in, you hear last “I love you” voice messages people sent from the towers or the doomed planes to their loved ones. It’s a “lump in your throat” as you walk through the doors and listen to so many people about to die and the nation’s darkest hour. And the heroism and hope that lit up that darkness. I personally can’t wait to take my family and go visit the museum just to remember and reflect on the sacrifices that some had to make during that horrific time.

After the wingtip of a hijacked plane sliced through the 78th floor, a group of people were huddling together in the Elevator Sky Lobby, waiting for help. Then they heard the voice. “I found the stairs – come follow me,” he said. It was Welles Crowther. This guy was known for carrying around a red bandanna in his pocket since he was a little boy. Welles carried a woman on his back and the bandanna in his hand and led the group to the stairs and down to safety. He then went back for more survivors. He then rescued another injured woman and went back for more.

The tower came down and they found his body with his red bandana six months later. His red bandanna is now on display at the museum.

Not too many people would have done what Welles Crowther did. He sacrificed his life for the sake of many others. One day he was an equities trader. The next he was a selfless rescuer and a hero. Welles’ last hour was his legacy. Just like my hero.

Jesus’ s last hour was on a cross. Where he bled out His life to save people who would otherwise have died. Jesus came to me one day and said, “I have the way out, follow me”. Following Jesus saved my life and my soul. As well as millions of other people who have given their lives to Jesus and have accepted the invitation, “come, follow me”.

Have you given your life to Jesus? ALL of it? Are there areas in your life you don’t allow Jesus to access? At work, when you’re alone, or as you make life decisions? I pray you will kneel and pray for Him to transform you into what He wants you to be, for His glory. If your heart is heavy, do it now! If you feel you have been short changing God, He is always in the business of forgiving. As long as we lower our pride and repent, or turn away from our sin, God will ALWAYS forgive so you can start with a clean slate.