Don’t forget your sword!

From Kevin Funk…

In one of my first blogs I talked about taking Jesus with you on vacation. It’s still one of my most fondest memories hearing the voice of God as I
came back from San Diego. Flying back into Peoria, God said “I missed you”. See I forgot to take my Bible and didn’t hardly spend any time with
Him other than prayers before meals.

So ironically when I got home from vacation a few weeks ago I realized I didn’t unpack my Bible. I know for a fact that I packed it this time. If you want to talk about a dog without a bone, that was me. I was one bummed dude. I traced and retraced my steps. What the world! My very last attempt to find it was a phone call to the hotel. SCORE! They said it was found in the “common” area. I’m so thankful to God that it was safe and they said they would ship it back to me.

This not having my Bible thing got me thinking. In Ephesians 6:13 Scripture says; Therefore, put on every piece of God’s armor so you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil. Then after the battle you will still be standing firm. If we read on, which I encourage you to do, we see there are multiple pieces of armor that makes up the entire armor of God. Paul talks about the Word of God being the sword in the armor in verse 17. Being without my Bible felt like I was walking around without being equipped for whatever God had in store for me. Think of Clint Eastwood at high noon grabbing for his six-shooter only to find an empty holster. Sure he has his hat, chaps, and spurs but where is his weapon to draw against the bad guy? Imagine the look in his eyes 🙂

Paul says to put on EVERY piece so that in the time of evil, you will be able to resist the enemy or satan. I would suggest that since we have no idea
when the time of evil may happen to us, we should carry our swords (Bibles) with us at all times and stand guard.

I was walking into the Civic Center a few years ago with some guys from Crosspoint to an event called Promise Keepers and one of the guys asked
me where my sword was. I said “what’s that”? “Your bible”, he replied. Oh yeah! I totally forgot it. Well as you can see that stuck with me ever since.

Let’s not forget to put on EVERY piece of God’s armor so we can be ready to share the gospel with someone or to protect us from the enemy