Man Camp 2015 Greatest Hits

From Kevin Funk…

For those who don’t know, Man Camp is a weekend retreat in Lawton Michigan at the Miracle Camp Retreat Center. This weekend is for men who enjoy fellowship, diving into God’s Word, and doing manly things like shooting skeet, eating bacon, zip lines, grilling your own steak, paintball, eating endless bacon, basketball, eating bacon, disc golf, bags tournament, and of course plenty of food.

1) Tom Harmon.

Tom is an incredibly gifted speaker who can clearly articulate the Word of God in a way that inspires and gets you fired up to purse God and His truths. I highly encourage you to visit his website I cannot do this man justice as I try to explain his dedication to God and to those who will listen to him preach.

2) B.U.S.Y.

Tom had one acronym. This one acronym sums up a good portion of my short comings with my walk with Jesus. Earlier in my walk with God I have always said that I am lethargic or apathetic to getting closer to God. Well this acronym explains just the opposite. I’m too busy to connect on a consistent basis with God. Even when I’m not “busy”, I choose something to stimulate my brain instead of choosing something that will further the kingdom of Jesus either outside of the home or inside my heart.

3) Scripture memorization.

Why? Many reasons really. Maybe some of you have thought that memorization reverts back to school-like activities and it’s just too boring. Honestly for me I have felt like I don’t know where to start. I mean the Bible has a crazy amount of scripture right? The Word of God has SO many good verses where do I really know where to go? Let the Holy Spirit direct you. Tom said if you don’t try, you will miss 100% of the time. If you don’t shoot, you will never hit the target. Why not try memorizing one verse a month? By this time next year you will have 12 verses memorized. And what if you only do half of those verses? You will have 6 more verses memorized now than you did last year. A huge tip to locking down a verse…Talk with someone. Just saying audibly will lock it away long term in your brain. Instead of just reading words on a page, recite your verse to your spouse or best friend. The Word of God is our sword of truth to cut through the lies we hear all the time from Satan throughout our day.

4) Fellowship.

My first love when it comes to what Jesus has given me. I used to be an introvert around people. Although sometimes I may act quiet, I can’t wait to talk about God and relate to others about life. Tom talked about receiving the gift of a photographic memory because of his commitment to God to memorizing scripture. It was incredible listening to him recite scripture without looking at any notes. I feel the same about my personality. I was really quiet before I let God take control. Now I can’t wait until I get to church during various events and talk with as many people as time would allow

If you’re thinking about going next year to Man Camp, please contact me or someone else at Crosspoint. Wonderful things happen when you allow God to transform your current way of thinking. If you’re willing, God is able.