Man Camp 2015 Greatest Hits

From Kevin Funk… For those who don’t know, Man Camp is a weekend retreat in Lawton Michigan at the Miracle Camp Retreat Center. This weekend is for men who enjoy fellowship, diving into God’s Word, and doing manly things like shooting skeet, eating bacon, zip lines, grilling your own steak, paintball, eating endless bacon, basketball, […]

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Man Camp 2014

From Kevin Funk… As I sit here during the ride home from Miracle Camp, I’m trying to figure out how I can pack about 100 memories and takeaways into my blog. Let me start with the man who poured out his heart to more than 350 men this weekend. Ron Hutchcraft. As all of us men can […]

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Stepping Up – February 1

From guest blogger, Micah Williamson, who is helping to coordinate the upcoming Stepping Up event on February 1 @ Crosspoint. Have you ever given thought to how you’re perceived as a man? I’m not talking about how much you can bench, how big your beard is or how many guns you have. I’m talking about […]

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Real Men – Part 4

From Craig Swanson…Part 1…Part 2…Part 3.   One final ball I feel we have dropped as men is that of protector. (Just as a reminder, when I talk about being real men I’m talking about reflecting the character of God.) God is our protector. “The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, […]

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Real Men – Part 3

From Craig Swanson…(Part 1)…(Part 2) I must admit that there was a real temptation to skip part 3 of “Real Men” and move right into part 4. This is because I know that we have been so programmed by our culture, a biblical world-view seems strange to us. So when I talk about men and women having […]

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Real Men – Part 2

From Craig Swanson…part 2 (read part 1 here) Being the man God intended us to be means reflecting His image – following His design. Sin in the world and in our nature has marred the original design, so we need to compare our lives and character with God’s blueprint. Have you ever had to fix […]

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Real Men – Part 1

From Craig Swanson… It is amazing how our culture and media shapes our thinking in so many ways. Movies, TV shows, commercials, talk shows – a constant barrage attacking the heart and soul of real masculinity. Sadly, we’ve bought most of the lies and it is reflected in the decline of the family today. In the movies […]

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