Lightbulb Moments

On a recent Sunday, the power to the building went down mid-service.  There’s a first time for everything, I guess.  I’m thankful it happened.  Here’s why.

It reminded us of what we truly need and don’t need when we gather on a Sunday.  I think we already knew these things too, but it is good for our minds and hearts to be refreshed.

Now the ‘not needed’ things on this list, aren’t bad in anyway.  They are great tools, blessings, gifts, etc.  For upcoming Sundays, I’m really hoping we have electrical power.  I think it is pretty handy.  I’m not trying to imply that a service without electricity is somehow more holy, sanctified, or pleasing to the Lord than one with electricity.  That would be a silly debate.  But like I said above, it is good to be reminded of what is truly needed when we gather as the family of God.

  • We don’t need sound amplification. We do need the sound of God’s people singing out loud and making a joyful noise.
  • We don’t need a live stream of our service online. We do need the physical gathering of the family of God, where we can live out the one another’s.
  • We don’t need the recording of a service or sermon. We do need to gather faithfully, so as not to give up on such a meaningful rhythm and moments in the life of a local faith family.
  • We don’t need microphones. We do need to preach the Word, in and out of season.
  • We don’t need verse references on a screen. We do need to hear the Word of God spoken and taught.
  • We don’t need everything to run as planned. We do need volunteers who will live and walk by faith, and joyfully adapt to whatever situation may come their way.
  • We don’t need a beautiful, well heated/cooled, comfortable space to meet. We do need physical space to gather, no matter what that space may look or feel like.
  • We don’t need the weather to be a gorgeous or the parking lot pristine. We do need volunteers at the doors who will warmly greet and welcome all who walk in and out, holding doors and umbrellas as a way to communicate love.
  • We don’t need a multi-sensory, flawless experience for children. We do need faithful and Christ-like servants who will love, care for, and disciple children, and roll with what comes their way.
  • We don’t need bells and whistles (although I don’t think we ever have those?). We do need one another and the various members of the Body doing their part.
  • We don’t need electrical power. We do need the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives and in our gathering.

Thank you Lord for reminding us of the beauty, simplicity, and power of when we gather.