Evidences of God’s Grace: January – March 2019

In 2017, we began sharing in our Sunday program, evidences of God’s grace and work in the life of Crosspoint and our community.  Below, are the evidences (January-March 2019) collected into one post.  May these lead us to an attitude of thankfulness to and worship of our God who is at work, not only through us, but in us.  You can read past evidences here.



The Lord has called us to be a people who trust in Him and walk by faith, in all areas of life.  Then out of that trust and faith, flows a life of worship.  So we rejoice at the Lord’s work in our hearts growing us in a heart of generosity.  Recently, an event took place to raise dollars for student camps and trips this summer.  Over $1200 was raised!  In March, we also gave a special offering to go toward the Crosspoint Family Fund (designed to help Crosspoint households in financial crisis).  Over $2900 was given in that offering.  Thank you Lord for your faithfulness displayed through your people!


On Sunday, March 10, we rejoiced at six Crosspoint households who dedicated their children to the Lord.  The Melvin, Moore, Moudy, Schrock, Watts, and Wiegand families committed to raise their children in the ways of the Lord, and set an example for them through their own way of life in Christ.  We, the church family, committed to come alongside them to encourage, support, pray for, and join them in the mission of making disciples of the next generation.  May the Lord be at work in these families, and the Crosspoint family.


We love to see how Crosspointers are serving wholeheartedly behind the scenes and are inspired by their faithfulness.  Lately, behind the scenes, Crosspointers have been repairing building gutters, preparing for summer VBS, setting up the Sunday environment in SonChasers, practicing for leading worship on Sundays, preparing lessons to teach, brewing coffee, cleaning the building, and on and on.  1 Corinthians 12:12 For just as the body is one and has many parts, and all the parts of that body, though many, are one body—so also is Christ.


We are encouraged by what the Lord is currently doing in community groups.  Recently a community group leader shared, “We are delighted we can open our home to worship and learn together.”  Thank you Lord for hospitable hearts!  Another leader shared, “One thing that I have prayed for over our group is that we would be able to connect is some ways. Since we all are in different age groups, and stages of life, I feared we wouldn’t connect. God has made a connection known each week we have met.”  Thank you Lord that your Gospel unites us and brings us together.


We desire to build marriages and families to be centered on Christ and a light to the world, because ultimately marriage is a reflection of Jesus and His bride, the church.  So we rejoice when we hear of a marriage that after going through hardship brought on by sin, is now making progress and growing stronger than it ever was before.  With God all things are possible, and as we clothe ourselves in humility toward the Lord and one another, He brings restoration to what was once broken.  To God be the glory!


We are disciplemakers who are called to show and tell.  Recently we heard of a Crosspointer, who was struggling with being content in his workplace, wondering if it was time for him to move on.  Through godly counsel and prayer, he decided he was called to remain.  Now the Lord has and is transforming his view of the workplace, where he sees his role as not just a way to earn income, but as a way to be on mission.  For instance, he has invited other co-workers to a book study around godly attributes of men.


We’ve been called toward one another in the faith family, and called to love one another in the way of Christ.  So we rejoice when a Crosspoint household recently shared this, “Thank you so much to you and the church for loving us so well during some very difficult years. It means so much to have such an amazing support system even though we haven’t lived here that long. Thank you so much for the prayers and support!” May the Lord enable us to keep growing in our love for and dedication to one another in the local church.


One habit we are seeking to grow in as a church is memorizing Scripture together.  So we love hearing a story of a father who is trying to memorize Scripture alongside their 4th grade son.  They are practicing together out loud as they drive in a car and at home.  The son is holding the father accountable and vice versa.  Psalm 119:11 says, I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.  May the Lord use the seeds of His living Word to transform our hearts.


As a new year begins, our existing community groups are starting back up and new groups are launching.  We are encouraged to see at least three new groups start up this semester, and to see people who were disconnected from a group, get connected to community.  As God’s people, we are called to live interdependently with one another, and reject the temptation to live in isolation and apart from the Body of Christ.


We love to hear of how kids in SonChasers are taking home what they are learning.  Recently, Becky Williamson, our children’s ministry director received this note: “Yesterday after church we were cleaning up at home and I said something to our son about our plans changing. He said, you mean like God changed Abram’s plan?  Needless to say, I was surprised. Yet, encouraged that words were heard and a lesson was communicated. God is good.”


We love to see parents who understand that they are called to make disciples at home.  Recently, we heard of a father who is wanting to be intentional in studying the Word, alongside, his son in 2019.  He is living out the truth of Deuteronomy 6:5-9:  Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. These words that I am giving you today are to be in your heart. Repeat them to your children. Talk about them when you sit in your house and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.


We rejoice at the new people and households who found a church home at Crosspoint in 2018.  One family recently shared this, “It has been very nice to finally feel at home in a church since our move to Goodfield.”  Praise God for the work He has done and that He has given us another year ahead, where we get to live on mission for Him, showing and telling of the Good News.  By His grace, may the Lord enable us to live with an outward view that pursues the one.