The Adventure – Song of Solomon (begins February 9)

On Sunday, February 9, we start a new series called ‘The Adventure.’  It will be an 8 week series through the Old Testament book of Song of Solomon/Song of Songs.

The definition of adventure is this…

When used as a verb:  engage in hazardous and exciting activity, esp. the exploration of unknown territory. A husband and wife adventure into marriage.  They engage into a lifelong activity that is exciting, and can be a bit hazardous.  Together, they explore the unknown territory of living and building a life together.

When used as a noun:  an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity; an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks; an exciting or remarkable experience.  Marriage and love are an adventure.  It can be unusual and exciting.  A lifelong marriage is a remarkable experience, and one where you encounter risks that you didn’t anticipate early on.

The first four weeks of the series will be the adventure of finding love.  The last four weeks will be the adventure of staying in love.  After being married for nearly 18 years, I think ‘The Adventure’ captures what marriage feels like and is sometimes.  🙂

If you haven’t read the Song of Solomon before, you should read it a few times before we begin the series.  The book is only 8 chapters long, and can be easily read in one sitting.  This series is not just for those who are already married, but for singles of all ages.

A note to parents:

If you’re unfamiliar with Song of Solomon, you should know the book addresses the subject of sex in a very direct, and yet beautiful way.  In our current culture, sex is being talked about constantly.  Listen or watch media for any length of time, and you will hear and see messages about the subject of sex.  My heart is to not look to culture to give us direction on sex, but rather look to God’s living and active Word.  God created sex for a husband and wife, and so as designer of it, He knows best how sex can be a beautiful, satisfying gift to be enjoyed by a married couple.

Because we are combined back to one service starting on February 9, we are assuming that children, 6th grade and under, will be involved in our SonChasers children’s ministry during the message itself.

As a pastor and a father, I wanted to communicate to you ahead of time for this series.  I imagine one week (more than likely, Week 4/March 9) being primarily on sex itself as that is where the text will lead us.  Keep in mind that throughout the series, the subjects of dating, beauty, attraction, sex, conflict, and marriage will be addressed.  I would characterize the content as PG-13 at times, and also keep in mind that I understand the general audience that is in the Living Room.  So the content will not be as frank or direct as it might be in a couple’s retreat for example.

Also remember, Heather and I have two children who will be in the service.  Maddy is a freshman, Eli is a 7th grader.  In our family, the subject of sex, dating, attraction, etc. are all ‘on the table’ and have been for a while.  We’ve had the ‘talks’ and continue to have the talks.  It is not a taboo subject in our home, because it is not taboo in God’s Word or as it relates to how God designed it.  As parents, if we fail to talk about sex or be the source of truth in our children’s lives, then our children will eventually be taught about sex by their friends or the world.  Neither of which will be a source of God’s truth.  As parents, we have sought to be the first voice in our children’s lives when it comes to sex, rather than being reactive to what they heard or saw from another source.

When done within God’s boundaries of a husband and wife relationship, sex can be beautiful, loving, and a blessing for a couple and that has been one of our messages to our children.  Our flesh and the world will lie to us inviting us to take sex ‘out of bounds,’ but God’s design is perfect and His ways lead to life, freedom, and our joy.

So if you have a HYPE student(s), you may want them to sit with you in the service.  Or maybe not.  That is totally up to you and your discernment.  My children and their faces will be in the front row, and so if nothing else that will in some ways serve as my ‘filter’ for how I communicate.  I’m sure there will be moments that either my face will blush, or my children’s, but that is where the Scripture will lead us, and I pray it leads to great conversations in your homes.  I believe this series will lead each of us well, no matter our age or marital status.

Parents, I would encourage you to read Song of Solomon on your own a few times before the series.  If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me.

I am excited to begin ‘The Adventure’ on February 9!

Dave, husband of one, father of two