Be Still ~ More Often

From Anna Williamson…one of the members of the Crosspoint team that served with Isaiah 55 Deaf Ministries over Spring Break 2014…

“This trip to Reynosa really taught me about being flexible and not having to have concrete plans about everything in life, even the things that seem most important. The group of people that started Isaiah 55 started it with the goal to reach the deaf with both a language and the gospel. When the second team from CCC came down for a week, two years ago, I55 realized that God had placed them in a very specific neighbor hood that has just as many opportunities to share God’s love as does the deaf community. They are in the process of revamping and changing the main focus of their ministry to not just be on the deaf school, but to also include a ministry within the neighborhood they were placed. I want to be a missionary myself one day and the fact that an entire group of people could so significantly change plans for an entire organization, and that that change was started with a baseball camp that I was a part of two years ago… that was huge. And I really kinda felt like it was a continuation of this whole ‘letting go of control’ thing that God has been trying to teach me for … a while. All i can say is, sometimes it really takes stepping out of your comfort zone, your normal life, your connections -with the world really- for even just a week; to actually be able to hear and focus on something that God has been trying to show you for a really really long time. Conclusion? : ~be still~ more often”


Here are additional stories and testimonies from other members of the Williamson family, who also served on the Crosspoint team…

“I have heard that a lot of people want to serve the Lord.  I have seen that a lot of people want to sing and rejoice to the Lord.  I have both heard and seen that people want to have love on their hearts to Jesus.”

“Dear God, these people are in bad shape.  They need hope from You.  Please help them.  They need your love.  I can’t believe that they live like this every day and just deal with it.  They don’t complain or anything!  It’s so amazing.  Please help me to be like them, and be grateful for what I have.  Amen”

“Missions trips are not heroic times of doing something totally amazing.  They turn out to be simple opportunities to step out of your comfort zone, obey God, and put all your efforts into supporting the work of His missionaries (whichever ministry they may be serving with).  If I’m told to dig a hole, I dig a hole.  Whatever I do, I have the opportunity to be a ‘shot in the arm’ to these brave friends who’ve gone on the mission field, encouraging and energizing the ministry they are doing.  I love being part of a team that steps outside our comfort zone to serve in something so much bigger than just our cozy little church.”

“Last week was pretty much one of the best times I have ever had.  I love the great times and people in Reynosa, but I hate leaving them behind.  I hope I never forget the memories I have made, and my prayer is that my life and the lives of people around me will be changed forever from this awesome experience.”