How VBS impacted one family

A guest post from Holly McClain…

11 But it is the Spirit who does all this and decides which gifts to give to each of us. Our bodies don’t have just one part. They have many parts. 15 Suppose a foot says, “I’m not a hand, and so I’m not part of the body.”Wouldn’t the foot still belong to the body? 16 Or suppose an ear says, “I’m not an eye, and so I’m not part of the body.”Wouldn’t the ear still belong to the body? 17 If our bodies were only an eye, we couldn’t hear a thing. And if they were only an ear, we couldn’t smell a thing. 18 But God has put all parts of our body together in the way that he decided is best.

19 A body isnt really a body, unless there is more than one part. God put our bodies together in such a way that even the parts that seem the least important are valuable. 25 He did this to make all parts of the body work together smoothly, with each part caring about the others. 26 If one part of our body hurts, we hurt all over. If one part of our body is honored, the whole body will be happy. ~ 1 Corinthians 12:11-19 & 25-26

Five years ago, Dan’s and my spirits were very parched.  But they had been like that for long enough that we didn’t really think about trying to make a change for ourselves.  But God had big plans for our family.  He knows that the way to get to me, to the heart of me, is through my kids.  If someone affects the lives of my children, then I am going to get to know you.  So when one of the kids came home from school with a postcard to attend VBS at a church in town, I thought, “sure, what can it hurt?”

The excitement I saw growing in my three children throughout that entire week of VBS, our first experience with Crosspoint, was unlike anything I had witnessed up to that moment.  They were singing songs by heart after the first night, and talking about their groups and leaders.  About some crazy lady dancing and singing on stage in a doctor’s white lab-coat, with lights and loud music. (Shout out to Gina Dunbar!) 🙂

When Dan and I went in to pick up the kids we saw with our own eyes what community, driven to reach people, looks like.  It looked wild, and fun, and heartfelt, and crazy, and inviting, and I began to want.  What?  I didn’t quite know, but I left that week of VBS feeling in my bones that I didn’t have enough of….whatever I wanted.  It took me only a couple weeks to realize that through the VBS at Crosspoint, I had left wanting more Jesus.  More words to fill my soul and heal my heart.  That time in our lives laid the ground-work for a huge shift in perspective and heart change for our family, and it all started with a tiny VBS.

Since that time five years ago, Dan and I have become involved with VBS in one form or another.  It is without a doubt, our favorite time of year at Crosspoint.  In fact, this year is the first year we’ve ever had to miss because of a pre-planned family vacation.  And although I’m looking forward to the vacation, I am very sad that we don’t get to participate.  The feeling of helping out at VBS in unlike anything else I can describe.  The growing excitement about decorations, games and food.  To the last minute jitters of nerves and worries about all those last minute details and all of it, every step of the way, prayed over and prayed for.  Prayers for the message of a loving Savior to reach everyone that walks through the door and that through the work of His body, the Church, God would be glorified.  And then comes the first night.  It’s euphoric.  All the hands go in the air and all the voices (little and big) sing praise as loud as they can, and you can feel Jesus there.  Right there in the building.  Among all those children he calls His own.  It’s an amazing experience.  One definitely worth partaking in.

Call this blog what you will.  Testimonial…sales pitch.  It’s a bit of both.  But if you have never taken the opportunity to experience VBS, please consider doing so.  Conversely, if you’ve served for years and are thinking that this is the year to step away, please reconsider.  There are so many opportunities to serve.  Opportunities for all volunteer types.  If you like to be in charge, then being a team leader is right up your alley.  If you really like paper-work, there are always papers to sort, or handouts to organize.  If you have the gift of organization, there are t-shirts to be unpacked, sorted and handed out or name tags to be made and organized.  If you really just like to hang in the back-ground and be more quiet, then volunteering for the kitchen could be the place for you.  If you like to mix it up, just sign up to be a general volunteer and you can float from place to place all week, filling in the gaps where needed.  All of our God-given gifts can be used in the preparations for and during VBS.  We are all equipped in the Body of Christ.

Over the years I’ve tried to figure out what makes VBS so special.  The biggest reason being that we are reaching out to families, through their children with a Gospel message.  A Gospel message of grace, love and forgiveness that some have genuinely never heard before.  And others might have heard it before, but somehow lost sight of their Savior along the way and needed that reminder that He is still there. Just waiting for them to set their eyes on Him again so they can start living, fully, for Him.  The other thing that makes VBS so special, such an amazing, gives me goose-bumps every year experience, is the community effort that it takes to get there.  It’s everybody, in the body, working together with a single, driven purpose.  To reach people.  The teamwork and time and planning all coming together on that first night.  And just when you think that all that hard work made you tired, might even have made your spirit of serving weary…..the lights go down, the microphone buzzes with electricity, hearts start pounding, children of ALL ages anticipate, and Jesus, enters the room.  My cup filled to the brim and overflowing.

**If you would like to learn more about serving opportunities for the upcoming VBS, contact Becky Williamson ( at the church office or just come to the Crosspoint building for a VBS work night this upcoming Monday, May 5th at 6:00 p.m.  There will also be a work day on Saturday, May 17 (9am-12noon).