“God continues to be faithful to us and provides what we need…”

Below is a testimony from a Crosspoint household that gave toward the vision of NEXT and Finish the Work.  God continues to change lives, and is using ordinary people to pursue an extraordinary eternal mission!  Crosspoint, thank you for continuing to say YES to Him!


I have to say our first thought was “how are we going to do this”?  Our budget was tight the way it is and my wife just had a job transition to a lesser paying job.  If we were honest at the beginning I would say we could have cut more needless money sucking activities or bills from our budget.  However our commitment of giving definitely made us feel the squeeze on a new level.  The commitment was not just to each other as husband and wife, but it was to our God and sole provider.  He has never let us crash and burn in the past so we trusted Him by moving forward with the 3 year commitment.

As the Next campaign moved along we felt God was totally in control and we worshiped Him through every month we gave.  In February of 2012 my wife lost her job.  Our commitment to God is first and foremost.  We could have easily lessened our monthly giving or stopped our normal tithe but we dug in even harder and made it to August where she found another job.  God was faithful through that desolate period although it wasn’t easy.

God continues to be faithful to us and provides what we NEED.  I have no doubt that if we were to add on or have another campaign for something else that now our trust in God’s faithfulness is even stronger and we would have no problem saying “yes”.