She is Safe

One of the organizations that we support financially and in prayer is She is Safe and their work in Mali, Africa..

Slavery is still happening.  All around the world young girls are vulnerable to this great evil.  We live in a world that has large areas of poverty, where sons are preferred, where girls are not allowed, or able, to learn to read.  This year, in brothel communities, villages and slums where girls live closest, She Is Safe works to rescue, restore and prevent girls from falling into slavery.

SIS has prevented the exploitation of those at highest risk through income generation and community advocacy.  God has used them to rescue women and girls who were trafficked across borders, brought girls who are born in brothels into safe houses, and freed those who were enslaved.  They also restored lives from slavery with counseling, healthcare, skills training, and nurture in SIS sponsored restoration homes.

With the help of strategic interventions, at-risk girls are learning to live in the fearless freedom that comes from God’s love.

She Is Safe is at work all over the world.  They have great resources out at their website, where you can see all the lives and places in the world that God is using them.

Crosspoint is partnered with their ministry in the country of Mali on the continent of Africa.  Mali is a country in conflict.  Much of the country’s infrastructure has been destroyed after years of war and poverty.  Vulnerable women and girls now live in a Mali with few legitimate opportunities for survival.

In the restored Women’s Training Center, the She Is Safe Women’s Outreach provides the equipping that women need to build a stronger future. Local women of the church demonstrate Christ by providing vocational training, literacy skills, and Bible classes. Together, She Is Safe and Crosspoint continue to reestablish a community where women and girls can be salt and light in Mali.

Prayer is a powerful tool.  When you pray, you participate with God as He reconciles the world to Himself and brings His love to the abused and enslaved.  Please pray for Mali.  In the wake of devastating conflict, please pray for the women She Is Safe, Crosspoint and you are helping to gain vocational skills as they learn about Christ.

Here is a testimony of a young woman in Mali:  “My husband is jobless and he gets angry easily and beats me often. She Is Safe helped me to find my way with embroidery and with knitting. Bible teachings helped to have moral references when I start to be totally discouraged with daily life concerns. THANK YOU SO MUCH. May God reward you abundantly always.” – Lafia