Community Group Leaders

God has designed us for relationships and community.  Ever since Genesis, it is clear that we were not meant to be alone.  Even as we look at God Himself, He exists in community with Himself.  Father, Son, Spirit.  And yet even though we may know that in our heads, we sometimes struggle to live out that reality in our lives.  As a church, we must grow in this area called ‘Biblical community.’

I believe this fall, starting in September, will be a great time to do just that!  We are beginning a new chronological journey through the Bible, and the resources that will be available to community groups will be fantastic!  You can read more about it here.  As a part of this series, a community group guide (both a participant version and a leader version) will be available each quarter.

In preparation for the fall, we need more leaders.  If you were to sum up the role of a community group leader, it is this… “Lead a small community of people toward building 3D relationships.”  In other words, leaders are people who love Jesus, love others, and love those yet to know Jesus as Lord and Savior.  People who then also want to help other people do the same, growing to be devoted to Jesus, dedicated to one another, and driven to reach people (3D).

And community groups are not just those who meet in homes on a weeknight.  Community groups can also meet in workplaces over lunch.  Or before or after the Sunday service utilizing the church building.  Community groups can meet in restaurants or coffee shops.  They can be groups of women, or groups of men, or mixed groups. They can meet during the early morning hours, the day time hours, or later in the evening.

Community is where it is at.  The life of following Christ is not just on Sunday mornings at 10am.  While that is vitally important, it is not enough.  We need to be among brothers and sisters in the Lord, looking at the Word, talking about life, praying for and encouraging one another.  The most significant times in my faith journey have always had the component of community as a part of them.

  • Are you interested in starting a community group?
  • Are you open to pulling a handful of people close, and being intentional about meeting together?
  • What is a creative way that you can lead a group and build community into your schedule?
  • Who are people you serve with that you could begin doing life with?
  • Who is a group of Crosspoint students that you could begin to meet with and lead (there is a student version of the community group materials)?

As a leader, you’re not the expert teaching the others.  Jesus is our Teacher, and He is the One we are following.  As the leader, you are saying, that you will help create an environment for people to grow in their devotion to Jesus, dedication to one another, and drive to reach others with the Good News.

Are you willing?  Are you available?  If so, and/or if you have questions at all, contact Dave ( or 467-4968).