Thinking about going to Reynosa?

We’ve all been there…sitting in church listening to an announcement about some upcoming event that you’re being invited to participate in.  “Sign-up today.  Talk to so-and-so to get more information.  Consider this opportunity.”  And we do, for about 10 seconds.  But then reality creeps in….how can I afford that?  how can I be gone from work that long?  who’ll take care of my kids, my pets, my responsibilities?  how can I fit that into my already hectic life?  And too often, that’s where we stay – focused on that which appears as reality.

But the true reality is that God is calling us, and for each calling, He equips us.  He provides for us.  He makes the way for His work to be done through us.  Reality is, “you are not left to your own resources.  Because you are ‘in Christ,’ your potential is greater than the sum of your parts.   You are never in any situation or location all by yourself…Don’t give way to the fear of inability when the work of Jesus has supplied you with everything you need.” 1 Peter 1:1-11, Philippians 4:13,  [excerpts taken from New Morning Mercies, Paul David Tripp]

Considering the Reynosa Mission Trip?  Be encouraged by thoughts from some who’ve already gone…

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