Resources for ‘God Delivers’

Our new series called “God Delivers” starts on December 6, and runs through February 28.  This series is all part of our new 3 year journey through the Bible in a chronological way.  There are some great resources to go along with this series, to help us take Sundays further into the week.  In each resource, you’ll find 12 sessions that correspond with the Sunday message and text(s) that we’ll be looking at.  Each session has questions to consider and Scripture to look at.  Ideally, these resources would not just be used for personal study, but in community and relationship with other people.  So in community groups, with spouses, with children, with roommates, with co-workers, with friends, etc.

Looking left to right on the picture above…

Leader Guide (adult version):  This is the resource that our community group leaders will need.  One per household.  $7.

Personal Study Guide (adult version):  We’re encouraging every household to get one of these.  This is what our community groups will be studying and using to lead their times together.  Even if you’re not in a group, this would be a great resource for adults to use on a weekly basis, or for parents to use to help lead a disciplemaking time with their children.  $4.

Personal Study Guide (student version):  Great for a Middle School or High School student.  The writing is tailored to their age.  It could be used among siblings in a home, or among students who met together during the week.  $4.

All these resources will be available at Guest Connections starting on November 22.

If you have questions at all, don’t hesitate to email Dave (