Why We Give – 3 Stories

God calls us to be generous with the money He has given to us.  We are to generously, faithfully, and cheerfully store up our treasure in Heaven, and invest it into God’s work in God’s Kingdom.  Here are three testimonies from Crosspointers who are giving to God’s work in and through the ministry of Crosspoint.  Be encouraged!  God is forever faithful to His people!  So why do you give?


“The Bible tells us to. That’s kind of a big one… Really though, we don’t deserve anything at all. Nothing. Over the years, we’ve been blessed with really good income at times, and at other times, we’ve had zip. Literally zero anything. Tithing is just the right thing to do though. It’s such a minimal act of appreciation. It’s like saying, “Thank you” to God for always taking care of us. Even when we had nothing at all coming in, we were still alive, still moving forward, and still appreciating God for still taking care of us… To us tithing really is the least we can do. God doesn’t need the money, and even when everything else in our lives seem to be going wrong, and everything is out of whack, tithing is like the minimal way for us, just to say thanks, and to show God that we are still thankful…”


“Ever since we were married our family has given to the body of Christ.  There has never been a feeling of giving out of obligation but out of a necessity to see the kingdom expanded.  God has given talents to so many to further the kingdom of God but there is also a financial need in those ministries to keep them working.  If we are not willing to give back what God has so blessed us with then we are not allowing faith to work in our lives.  There were times in our marriage early on when we didn’t have a dollar to our names, literally, and we still found a way to faithfully give.  We have always been taken care of and never found that we were short on finances because we gave but we always gave wisely.  It is honestly a joy to give and we find it a blessing to seek out ministries, families and individuals to give to that are honoring and giving God glory through their ministry and lives.”


“The easy and obvious answer to why we give is because God commands it.  However, there is more to it than that.  We have personally experienced so much positive change in our lives since becoming a part of Crosspoint 10+ years ago.  These changes didn’t happen overnight and are not directly related to how much money we sow into Crosspoint’s ministry.  They’re a result of accepting Christ into our life, taking the Gospel to heart, and allowing the Holy Spirit to transform our hearts and minds.  We’re not perfect – far from it – never will be while here on earth.  But…we truly believe the gospel message can change your life if you let it.  But you have to let it – you have to turn away from your old, destructive ways if you want to be positively impacted.  You can’t expect change while staying the same.

There are so many wonderful individuals at Crosspoint (pastors, elders, teachers, leaders, etc) who are preaching the Gospel each and every day to people we don’t personally even know.  Many rely on the financial generosity and support of others in order to provide for their own families.  We give financially to support those that can reach others with the Gospel message every day in ways that we can’t.  By supporting them, we hope and pray others will experience the positive life change that we have.  Positive life change that only the Gospel can provide.”