Crosspoint Connection Card

On Sunday, August 7th, we are beginning a new routine in our Sunday morning service.  We’re calling it to Crosspoint Connection Card.  At a point in the service (usually at the beginning of the message), our First Impression volunteers will be handing out booklets that contain a pen and a pad of “Connection Cards.”  We’re asking every household to complete a card every Sunday.  So the first household in the row will fill out a card, mark whatever is appropriate, tear off their card, slide it in the pocket on the left side, and then hand the booklet to the next person.  The last household in the row, after completing the card, will place the booklet under the last chair of the row.  After the service is over and people have been dismissed, First Impression volunteers will collect the booklets.

So what is on a Connection Card?  Here is a picture of one:


For the regular attender/member of Crosspoint, we’re simply asking you to write down the names of the household members (7th grade and older) who are there that morning in the student/adult service.  Regular attenders/members can also…

  • Update contact info (address, email, phone) as needed
  • Make a ‘next step’ known
  • Share a prayer request so the Crosspoint elder/staff can be praying

We’re only asking for one card from every household.  So the HYPE student who sits apart from their parent does not need to complete a card of their own, unless of course there is a specific next step or prayer request they would like to make known.

For the first time guest to Crosspoint, there is a place on the connection card for you to complete your contact info, make known a ‘next step’ you want to take, and share prayer requests as well.

So why are we adding this into our Sunday routine?  The short answer is that we want to better love, care for, and shepherd people.  One thing the Lord has convicted and challenged the Crosspoint Elder Team in lately is our desire to do just that.  To better love, care for, and shepherd people.  Not only those who are new to Crosspoint, but also those who call Crosspoint home.  And passing a ‘Connection Card’ on Sundays is one way we are pursuing to grow in this area.

Through the use of the Connection Card, we are hoping to…

  • Make it easier for first time guests to let us know they were with us.  And for people newer to Crosspoint, to know they are welcomed and loved, and next steps they can take in their faith and connection to Crosspoint’s ministry and family.
  • Create a consistent way for people to share next steps they want to take such as salvation, baptism, membership, serving in a ministry, or joining a community group.
  • Allow an ongoing opportunity for people to make known how we can be praying for and with them.
  • Help us as an elder team and staff know who has has been gone for a few weeks or longer.  We’re not out to be the attendance police, but we are seeking to better shepherd those who may be in some sort of crisis, sin, or hurt, which is resulting in an absence on Sunday mornings.

One picture of an elder in the New Testament is a shepherd.  And a shepherd is one who not only knows his flock, but cares for, comforts, feeds, and protects it.  The Connection Card is a practical step we are taking to grow in our shepherding and care of people.

PS:  You might’ve noticed ‘Attending First Connections’ on the card and thought what is ‘First Connections’?  First Connections is an event we created for those who are new to Crosspoint as a clear next step for them to take.  It will be held 5-6 times a year, and is a Sunday lunch (childcare included) held in the Crosspoint Family Room.  It will be an opportunity for someone new to Crosspoint to hear more about the church, ask questions they may have, and to meet various leaders around Crosspoint.