Hype Student Testimonies

Here’s a glimpse of what it looks like to see God’s work in Hype through the eyes of three student testimonies…

“So far this year, I have already learned new ways to decipher text and interact with others. I have been challenged to reach out to people that I don’t know, ask for forgiveness from those I am bitter towards. I have bonded with many new students this year already. Hype is the most exciting part of my week!”

“Hype had challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and worship well for Jesus wherever I go. It has also challenged me to be a woman of God for younger students around me. I want to leave Jesus’ mark at school, work, and my youth ministry and Jon has really challenged me to be a disciple of Jesus especially this year.”

“Hype does not only transform me on Wednesday nights, but throughout my whole week. The message & challenges set for students influence my decisions and help me step out of my comfort zone. Overall I feel that the Hype community is so encouraging and welcoming; there is a true sense of comfort when I’m around my peers. God has really been at work here within the past few months and I continue to see revival taking place within the students’ hearts.”