Reading Through the Gospels…Together

One of our prayers for 2017 is that the Lord would ‘Anchor Us.’  That He would anchor us in His unchanging Word.  As our Crosspoint Culture says, “our foundation and authority is the Bible, the inspired, sufficient, true, relevant, living Word of God.”

Much like growing in prayerfulness, we’d also all agree that we need to grow in reading and studying the Word more in our lives.  This is why we are encouraging every Crosspointer to engage in our Gospel Reading Plan.  Here are the details and encouragement about how to do it.

About the Plan:

The reading plan starts on February 19.  On March 5, we begin an 18 month journey through the New Testament.  Specifically from March 5 to November 12 (37 weeks), we’ll be in the four gospels on Sunday mornings. We’ve created a daily reading plan that will take us through the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, 3 different times over the time of March through November. You can download the reading plan here or pick up a paper copy at Guest Connections.

Will I be behind on day 3?

No.  It is a very doable, one-chapter-per-day type of plan.  We believe such a plan will be sustainable and life giving.  So the focus will be on taking your time in the reading versus just trying to get through the daily text.  And when you miss a day, you’ll easily be able to catch up the next day.

Do I do anything besides read the chapter for that day?

Yes!  Use the REAPS method to build a rhythm to your daily readingRead, Examine, Apply, Pray, Share.  Get a journal or a notebook, and using the acrostic of REAPS, record your daily thoughts.  Writing helps us slow down, as well as, internalize and apply what we are reading.

So how do I read the Word alongside others?

We’re encouraging Crosspointers to form small groups of people called 27173 Community Groups.  These are not a replacement to an existing 3D Community Group that you are already a part of.  Rather, these are smaller groups that are more flexible in their scheduling and ability to meet.

For example, we’d encourage households to be a 27173 community group.  Parents with children or husbands with wives.  We’d encourage you to form a 27173 community group with co-workers who can meet over a lunch hour, or friends who gather for coffee/breakfast before work.  Or maybe 3-4 stay-at-home moms form a group, or a group that meets late in the evening after the day’s activities are over.

The goal of a 27173 community group is the same of a regular 3D community group…to make an IMPACT.  To allow the Word to shape and change us to be more like Christ (John 17:17), and to sharpen one another in our faith (Proverbs 27:17).

And when you form a 27173 community group, we’d love to know.  Not because we’re going to post it on our website or anything, but because it would encourage us to know how Crosspointers are engaging in the Word, together with others.

The whole idea of a 27173 community group will be ongoing, past this Gospel Reading Plan, but we believe this is a providential time in our church to begin.

Lord, anchor us!