Once…But Now…

On Sunday, August 20, we looked at Colossians 1, and verses 21-22 say this…Once you were alienated and hostile in your minds expressed in your evil actions. But now he has reconciled you by his physical body through his death, to present you holy, faultless, and blameless before him.  Once alienated, hostile, unreceptive, separated from the Lord.  But now, because of Jesus and the cross, through faith and repentance, the believer is not joined, friends with God, and is holy, faultless, and blameless.

For the believer in Christ, we all have a “once…but now…” story.  More than likely, we have multiple stories.  Stories of what our hearts, attitudes, and lives were like before following and trusting in Jesus, and then what changed and is changing since following Him.  In our service on the 20th, and then on social media, I asked Crosspointers to share their “once…but now…” story.  Below are the ones that were shared by Crosspointers.

Be encouraged at how the Lord is at work changing lives, and if you didn’t get a chance to share yours, please send me an email (dave@crosspointcc.org) or message.  And then go share it with someone who needs to hear about how Jesus has the power to save, reconcile and changes lives.  To God be the glory!

  • Once I lost hope in my salvation but now that Hope is restored through forgiveness in Jesus Christ and through the true Gospel message being made known to me.
  • Once I blamed Jesus for the things broken in my past, now I thank him for bringing me to this place
  • I once was finding joy and comfort in worldly idols, but now I find my joy and comfort in Him
  • I used to try to please everyone, now I find joy in serving the one true God!
  • I once was angry and now I have found peace and forgiveness with His power, love and mercy He has shown me
  • I once was drowning in pride, but now I can breathe, in grace…
  • I once so badly desired to be needed by humans but now I’m secure in the arms of the Holy spirit!
  • I once thought I could live life on my own but now I rest securely in God’s love and protection daily
  • I once desperately tried to earn God’s forgiveness and grace but now rest in his grace that is freely given.
  • I once tried to have confidence in my own abilities, but now I am learning to have confidence in the sovereignty of God
  • Once, I was trying to earn God’s love and acceptance through my own effort, now I’m resting in God’s love shown on the cross
  • Once I thought that being a Christian meant giving things up and following the rules, but now I know that I have been given more than I ever give up
  • I once was lost and depressed and wanting death, but now I have been found and have eternal, joyous life in Christ
  • I once was a shameful, disgusting liar, but now I pursue Christ with truth and love
  • I once cussed everyday as a part of my normal language, but now I realize that that type of language does not honor Christ
  • I was once alone and lost in the world, but now Jesus resides in my heart and everyday He shows me His plan and purpose for my life
  • I was once blindly walking through life toward death, but now I am being perfectly led by Christ
  • I once sought pleasure through worldly things, but now I find my ultimate pleasure in Him
  • Once I was depending on my own best efforts and was coming up short, but now I rest in my Father God’s power and assurance
  • Once self-esteem and self-confidence, but now humility and relying on God’s power
  • I was once angry, judgmental, cynical, and prideful, but now I am being transformed
  • Once I felt I had tried to control everything in my life, but now I am learning to give God control of my life
  • Once I began my mornings without Jesus, but now my life goes better if I start with Jesus
  • I once trusted in my own ability to “be a good person,” but now I’m believing and trusting in God’s power to give me the desire to do what pleases Him.