Why We Give – “All In”

God calls us to be generous with the money He has given to us.  We are to generously, faithfully, and cheerfully store up our treasure in Heaven, and invest it into God’s work in God’s Kingdom.  Here is a testimony from a Crosspoint household who is giving to God’s work in and through the ministry of Crosspoint…


Our family decided to start tithing instead of giving the church a donation, or charity payment about 10 years ago.  We did this because we wanted to be ‘all in’ with what Christ has directed us to do.  In return for our tithing a portion of what has been provided to us by God, our family has been blessed with a feeling of satisfaction by following a part of what we believe to be truth.

Giving has become a fun thing to do, as long as it has been included in the budget.  One of the fun parts of tithing has been when it was tough to tithe, and then finding an unexpected check in the mail for the exact amount needed at that time.  This has happened more than once, and was able to show our children this event, and give credit to God for handling a situation.

Our faith has increased by seeing God work in one area, and has allowed us to believe and expect the rest of what Christ teaches us.  Through prayer, we continue to see our lives growing in faith in our beliefs.