Evidences of God’s Grace: July – September 2018

Last year, we began sharing in our Sunday program, evidences of God’s grace and work in the life of Crosspoint and our community.  Below, are the evidences (July-September) collected into one post.  May these lead us to an attitude of thankfulness to and worship of our God who is at work, not only through us, but in us.  You can read past evidences here.


We are so encouraged by the amount of Crosspointers engaging in consistent community with one another through a community group.  New groups have formed this fall, and existing groups are being strengthened.  May the Lord be at work, through the family of God, as we seek to grow in living devoted, dedicated and driven.  If you’re not connected to a group yet, talk to a pastor or community group leader.


On Sunday, September 16, we were able to celebrate as Crosspointers, Lani Lane, Andrea Huffhines, and David Finley who got baptized.  We rejoice at how the Lord has been, is, and will be at work in their lives in the months and years to come.  Baptism is a picture that in Christ we’ve died with Him, and been raised to a new life in Him.  Thank you Lord for lives that are changing through the power of the Gospel and your Spirit.


Rohn Peterson has been serving as an elder at Crosspoint since the spring of 2009.  We are grateful for how he has said ‘yes’ to the God given call to shepherd the flock of God and oversee the Lord’s church and its ministry and mission.  Rohn has helped us, as a church, to walk and live by faith.  From our mobile days at the Middle School, to a building campaign and our current location, and now toward the next work of church planting.  We are thankful for Rohn’s godly witness and Christ-like leadership in our church and the Roanoke-Benson community.


In late August, the fall chapter for ‘Fight Club’ kicked off.  Fight Club is a 10-week journey where men are required to complete weekly challenges within the context of community and accountability.  Challenges encourage men to grow spiritually, relationally, and physically.  Between Crosspoint and Eureka Bible, 34 men, ranging in ages from 19 to 57, are saying yes to the challenge.  Pray that the Lord would be at work in the men as they fight the good fight of faith.


Recently we’ve received these two encouraging stories.  From a household new to Crosspoint: “My wife and I are so excited and energized to be at Crosspoint. We have been searching for years for a church home with the same mission and vigor that you guys have.”  From a long-time Crosspoint household: “I meant to e-mail you, and say how thankful I am that our services are on YouTube!  Sunday before last, we weren’t feeling great, and I watched it from my couch for the first time!”


Recently a Crosspoint high school student, who serves in the SonChasers nurseries, shared this testimony, “I enjoy seeing little kids smile when they know that Jesus is in the front of their Bible’s, and when babies crawl around looking for that ball they lost. I enjoy all the joy the little ones bring, so yeah I love what I’m doing!”  Thank you Lord for how the next generation is the church of today, not just tomorrow, and how they are actively engaged in the life of the church.


Recently a Crosspointer stepped up and expressed interest and willingness to open their home for a Hype girls’ community group to meet during the week.  Hospitality was at the heart of the New Testament church, and we love to see how Christ followers, are opening up their home so that fellowship and disciple-making can occur.  Together, we are working to reach and prepare the next generation, for they are the church of today, not just tomorrow.


Earlier this summer, we were able to bless a missionary family with a one time, generous financial gift.  Bill and Stacy Allison work with Cadre Missionaries and are dear friends of Crosspoint.  We love to see how they make disciples as a way of life, and encourage and train other believers to do the same.  We pray that the Lord would work mightily through them in the months to come!  When you read this, pray for them and their family, ministry, and mission.


Be encouraged by a recent Crosspointer testimony, “Deuteronomy 31:8 is a verse that I treasure.  It has strengthened my faith and trust in our Lord.  The words are such a comfort to know he goes before me no matter what and that he will never leave me. I used to worry all the time and this verse has helped me so much to stop worrying and to realize worrying doesn’t do any good, God has it all in control anyway. I still worry sometimes but not like I used to! This verse has also helped me during some tough times when I was too over whelmed to pray. I held onto this verse and felt God give me peace that everything would be ok. I often share this verse with others who are experiencing tough times hoping it will help them.”


Be encouraged by this recent testimony from a Crosspointer:  “I know a long time ago those seeds were planted in a Lutheran Sunday school class…continued to be watered in a Methodist church and have grown its deepest roots in a non-denominational church called Crosspoint. For it was here that I have experienced some of life’s hardest changes along the way (that being in the sandwich generation of raising kids and dealing with the death of parents)…being in a very Bible based church/small group that I dropped anchor in God’s Word on a daily basis.”


In November 2017, Crosspoint began an adoption fund that is administrated by the ministry, Lifesong for Orphans.  We began the fund with an amount of $2000.  In February, we were able to provide a $1500 financial grant to a Crosspoint household that is prayerfully seeking to adopt.  Since beginning the fund, nearly $3000 additional dollars have been donated to this fund, through the generosity of both Crosspointers and non-Crosspointers.  Thank you Lord for providing for this fund and the households who will be supported through it!


We are encouraged to see Crosspoint households who are being shaped by the truth of God’s Word found in 1 Timothy 6.  They are pursuing godliness with contentment, understanding it is great gain (verse 6).  They are rejecting the love of money, knowing it is a trap and temptation that has led people toward destruction and despair (verses 9-10).  They are living out verse 11, which says, flee from these things, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness.  Thank you Lord for transforming lives!


A Crosspointer recently shared this testimony… “There is a lot of scripture that has shaped my thinking and life over the years.  However, I feel God has most opened the eyes of my heart in the truths found in the whole book of Romans.  In Romans I find that I was chosen and predestined, by God’s grace, before the beginning of time! Which is mind blowing to me. Then it says those whom he predestined he also called, those he called, he justified, those he justified, he also glorified (Romans 8:29-30). What a sovereign God we serve.  What an anchor of hope the entire chapter of 8 has been for me!”


A Crosspoint household recently shared this testimony, regarding the work the Lord has done in their marriage since being a part of a ReEngage community group.  “I was reflecting this morning that it’s been about 6 months since we ended our marriage class and just wanted to say how improved I think our communication has been with each other and all around our marriage feels stronger.”  We intend on hosting another ReEngage group this fall at Crosspoint.  Be looking for details.