I’m Thankful For…

In the midst of this ‘shelter in place’ season, here is a list of people I’m thankful for.  This is not an exhaustive list, nor in order from most to least thankful.  This is simply the Lord bringing Crosspointers to my mind and heart, who I am thanking Him for right now.


Those Who Pray

What a season of life for us to learn to pray, to depend upon the Spirit, and to trust in the Lord’s power and goodness to move and work.  I’m thankful for all those who I regularly pray with, who have expressed that they are praying, and for all of those who have not shared that, and yet are faithfully going to the Lord in prayer, asking, seeking and knocking.  May we wait in expectation for how He will answer!



I love how these brothers are desiring to shepherd and oversee in the way of Jesus, our Chief Shepherd.  I’m deeply appreciative of their care and love for those who call Crosspoint home, for their intentionality in reaching out to people, and for their openness to the Spirit’s transforming work in their own hearts and households.  I’m really thankful to serve alongside them in a unified plurality.  It is a blessing that I don’t take for granted.


Parents (AKA: Disciplemakers)

I love to see how you’re adjusting to this season, and seeking to help educate your children with online school, disciple them and take advantage of the extra time you’ve been given, care for them, feed them, have fun with them, make memories with them, pray with them, discipline them, love them, and all.the.things.  The Lord is faithful and He’s given you His Spirit to empower you as a witness for Him at home!  Keep planting and watering, and may the Lord cause the growth!


Those Who Give

In the midst of an unknown future, I’m grateful for how God’s people are continuing to give generously, faithfully, and cheerfully.  Giving in a way that reflects a way of life that is walking by faith, and not by sight.  The Lord is building and strengthening His church, His Kingdom is growing, and His Good News is spreading.  May God alone be glorified and our faith strengthened as we store up treasure in Heaven.


Community Group Leaders and Members

From having some interactions with the leaders, every group is seeking ways to stay engaged and in touch with one another in this time.  I love that!  Because while ‘shelter in place’ is here, we are still called to live out the ‘one another’s’, and those can continue in any circumstance.  Keep leaning into one another in the family of God.  I’m thankful for Jon who has piloted our first ever virtual community group, creating another space for encouragement in the Word.


Crosspoint Staff

So thankful!  The team is rocking it right now.  Erika is keeping track of the books, managing the giving, and helping us wisely steward the Lord’s resources.  Gerry has been cleaning classrooms top to bottom, and sanitizing every surface, in prep for us to gather again someday.  Becky has been super creative in how to get resources into parents’ hands (how about those resurrection gardens?!) and equip teachers to continue to teach.  Kent is a Zoom ninja now and is finding ways to engage students in a virtual world.  Chris has come at a providential time to help us in the areas of worship, video and communications.  And Cheri has said yes to the Lord to join the team!


Active and Engaged Parts of the Body of Christ

As many have said before me, one thing we are learning in this time, is that the church is not a building or strictly a public gathering on Sunday mornings.  The church has left the building, so to speak.  Praise our missionary-sending God!  You’re loving your neighbor, you’re finding ways to encourage and support others, you’re listening to the Spirit in how He has called you to respond.  You’re inviting people to join us on Sunday mornings and following up with them.  You’re working unto the Lord and seeking to reflect Him in your place of work.  May the Lord get all the glory and the Father all the praise, as the Body of Christ does what it has been called and empowered to do!


Our Sunday Morning Team

These are Sunday mornings that I won’t forget in my lifetime.  They are so unique and memorable.  5 people in the building.  Me, standing alone in a row singing.  Us, praying together before the service, asking the Lord to move and work in lives, and for no technical difficulties.  Eric Manning has been so faithful in helping in sound; tweaking, fixing, adjusting, so that truth can be proclaimed through song and sermon.  (Van has been a great sounding board…pun intended…behind the scenes in helping us nail the sound).  My wife has learned the in’s and out’s of video stuff, is smoothly operating the song slides when she just wants to sing and worship, moderating the live stream and all.  Chris and Maddy, it has been a sweet blessing to serve alongside you each Sunday, one that will be a fun memory many years down the road.


Volunteers in Hype and SonChasers

Hype leaders who are still leading virtual small groups on Sunday evenings.  Leaders who are reaching out to students, engaging in Zoom online hangouts, etc.  Amber, you’re doing great with Hype’s social media!  Some SonChasers teachers are finding creative ways to reach out to kids and families to express love and support.  The next generation is the church of today, not just tomorrow.  Thank you for how you’re displaying His love in this time!


Leaders and Servants around the Crosspoint Property

COVID-19 has not kept the grass from growing. 🙂  I’m thankful for David Fogle who rolled our entire front yard to get it ready for summer!  Mike Troth has been trailering in the mower, and mowing the yard!  You should drive by sometime.  It is looking sharp!  Brad Schrock has been serving as the general contractor to our Backyard Project, helping coordinate the work, and keeping the project moving forward for the future benefit of the Lord’s church.  He’s doing a great job!  There are lots of moving parts, and I’m thankful for the leaders on our building team who are leaning into this project to help it come together!


1 Thessalonians 1:2:  We always thank God for all of you, making mention of you constantly in our prayers.