Evidences Of God’s Grace: July-September 2020

On a weekly basis in our Sunday program, we share evidences of God’s grace and work in the life of Crosspoint and our community.  Below, are the evidences (July-September 2020) collected into one post.  May these lead us to an attitude of thankfulness to and worship of our God who is at work, not only through us, but in us.  You can read past evidences here.



On September 9 our fall class, How to Grow kicked off!  We have around 20 people engaged in this class, and one of the most encouraging things is to see the wide range of ages represented.  There is actually a 50-year span among the Crosspointers who are involved.  From teenagers to grandparents.  As we pursue a year ahead that includes the vision of ‘growing into maturity,’ we are very encouraged to see these Crosspointers intentionally pursuing spiritual growth alongside one another!



We recently received this encouraging testimony from a household that has started to attend Crosspoint, “leaving the two Sunday we have attended we felt something that we haven’t felt in a long time.  A connection with the sermons- the music- the people. We are excited to meet people that live around us, cause we don’t know too many. We are also excited to feel that we are connecting weekly again in church. I have also been impressed with the children’s program. I was nervous with a small church that there wouldn’t be much of a program and boy was I wrong.”



A few weeks ago, a Crosspointer gave a special financial gift of $200 to Crosspoint for the express purpose of buying study Bibles to give away to people.  Years ago, she was given a life application/study Bible by Crosspoint, and the Lord has used that tool and His Word in her life in great ways through the years.  With her gift, we were able to purchase 6 CSB Study Bibles that we pray will be a great blessing to people who desire to grow more anchored to the Word in the year ahead.  May the seed of the Word fall on good soil.



A year ago, Pastor Kent joined the Crosspoint staff as our new Student and College Pastor.  We love that the Lord has called Kent to join us in the mission of bringing glory to God by making disciples of Jesus who live 3D together.  We are thankful for Kent’s joy, passion, and love he has for the next generation.  Pray for Kent, his wife, Amber, and the leaders who are serving and investing into middle and high school students, and post-high school young adults.  May the Lord be at work in their lives in powerful ways!



We are so encouraged by the generosity of God’s people, and how Jesus, our Chief Shepherd, continues to provide for His church, no matter the year or the season we are in.  Our fiscal year ends on August 31.  In our fiscal year 2019-2020, our budget need was set at a weekly offering average of $6500.  Through Sunday, August 16, our weekly offering average was $6886!  Thank you fellow Crosspointers for how you are sowing into the kingdom of God and investing into the Lord’s work in and through His church.  To God alone be the glory!



On August 24, 2003, Crosspoint launched its Sunday services at a storefront in Eureka.  For the past 17 years, the Lord has been faithful in countless ways and in all the various seasons we have walked through.  Proving over and over, that He is the Chief Shepherd of this flock, He is the Head of the Body.  He is building up His church, and may it not be for our glory, but for His glory alone.  Thank you Lord for the ways that you have done more than we could’ve asked for or imagined in the past 17 years!



Recently a Crosspointer shared this testimony, as they reflected back on their last year, “I am going to say though…I’ve been having a spiritual revival within the past year or so…my Bible has never been read more and written in and scripture memorized.”  How encouraging to see a disciple of Jesus, learning and growing and being anchored to the Lord’s life giving Word.  Let’s continue to pursue grace-driven spiritual growth that secures and roots us in all seasons of life.



Recently a Crosspoint household reached out to a pastor to look for disciplemaking resources to use at home with their children.  The parents wrote, I feel like we haven’t been intentional enough with our kiddos and want to work on establishing and building a strong foundation for them.  How encouraging it is to see Christ following parents, seeking to pass on and raise the next generation in the truth!  Pause and pray for this family, as they pursue to make progress in their own household of faith!



Since mid-March, Chris Garcia has been our worship and communications intern. At the time of Chris’ arrival, we never could’ve imagined how this year would end up looking, and yet in God’s good providence, He did. Chris and Maddy faithfully led us in worship during our online-only season, and he has helped us develop videos and communications that have been so timely for this year. He has been a tremendous blessing to Crosspoint’s ministry. Pray for him and Maddy as they return to Moody Bible Institute in August, to finish their senior years.



In Christ, we are disciplemakers who show and tell of the gospel.  Our faith in Christ, while personal, is also never private.  Our faith in the Lord is always intended to be shared and passed onto others, including from generation to generation.  So we rejoice when we hear of a grandmother, who is a covenant member of Crosspoint, who is starting a Bible study with her grandkids!  Pray now that the Word would fall on good ground in the hearts of her grandkids!



On July 8, we had our first monthly prayer gathering, as we approach a new ministry year (September-August).  We were encouraged to have 14 Crosspointers gather to pray and read Scripture.  They spent time expressing worship to the Lord in prayer, asking the Lord to work in their own hearts, praying for Crosspoint ministries and leaders, and praying for our nation and world.  We are really looking forward to these monthly times together.  Join us on the first Wednesday of the month, 6:45-7:30pm as we pray in total dependence upon the Lord.



We rejoice at the news that a Crosspoint household is pursuing to become licensed foster parents!  The Lord has put it on their minds and hearts for the past couple years, and this fall, they will begin to take classes to pursue licensing.  Thank you Lord for how you are working in and through your people, to show and tell of the gospel as a way of life.  May you lead this family as they seek to be your hands and feet to children and families.



Crosspointers are living on mission right now!  For instance, a covenant member was preparing to give some care packages to neighbors and discovered that those neighbors didn’t have a Bible.  She reached out to the church office, and we connected her with free Bibles to give to her neighbors.  We love to equip disciplemakers for the mission to show and tell of the gospel, and we are so encouraged to see believers loving their neighbors well.