Evidences Of God’s Grace: July-September 2021

On a weekly basis in our Sunday program, we share evidences of God’s grace and work in the life of Crosspoint and our community.  Below, are the evidences (July-September 2021) collected into one post.  May these lead us to an attitude of thankfulness to and worship of our God who is at work, not only through us, but in us.  You can read past evidences here.


In July, we encouraged Crosspointers to give over and above their regular giving in order to bless and love others in the family of God.  Specifically, the vision was for us to provide care packages to the DeValve and LeBlanc families who are serving with Ethnos 360 in Papua New Guinea, to reach an unreached people group.  Over $1800 was given generously by Crosspointers toward this mission endeavor.  After getting a wish list from these households, items were purchased and will be shipped to them this fall.  Thank you church for living out Galatians 6:10.


Life in Community!  We are so encouraged at the number of Crosspointers who are taking next steps toward community with other believers.  So many new households who were not engaged in a community group, are trying one out this fall.  So many households who were already connected to a group, are staying engaged.  If you’re not in a group yet, reach out to a leader or talk to Pastor Dave for help in connecting.  Lord, may you strengthen and build your church and deepen our relationships with one another.  Thank you that in Christ, we have been brought together as your family. 


The Lord is faithful!  The Scriptures tell us over and over that He is.  The storyline from Genesis to Revelation reveals to us that He is.  And in the life of His church, here at Crosspoint, we continually see evidences of His faithfulness.  For instance, our 2020-2021 fiscal year ended on August 31.  Our annual budget need averaged out on a weekly basis was $6779.  But God.  We finished our fiscal year with a weekly offering average of $7771 (14.7% above and beyond what the need was).  Thank you church family for how you’re investing into the eternal mission we are on, and storing up treasure in Heaven.  He is more than able, and He will get all the glory!


We’re so thankful for the men’s community group that gathers on Saturday mornings.  These guys live in community with one another, and seek to keep learning and growing as disciples of Jesus.  They are also active in serving the Lord and His church, through countless behind the scenes ways.  We thank the Lord for these men who willingly give of their time, energy, and love for the good of the Lord’s church.  Men, if you’re not connected to a community group this fall, we’d encourage you to reach out to Micah Williamson (micahwilli@gmail.com) or Mike Troth (mjtroth@gmail.com) to learn more.


Here are some encouraging sights that we’ve seen lately around the life of Crosspoint…all reminding us that the Lord is at work strengthening and building His church.  Households who have been away from Crosspoint for an extended time, have returned.  Thanks Lord!  Faithful servants returning to regular ministry to the next generation through SonChasers and Hype.  Thanks Lord!  College students beginning to attend and get engaged in life in community.  Thanks Lord!  Crosspointers taking a next step and moving toward life in community, in a community group this fall.  Thanks Lord!


We rejoice with Crosspoint households who, this summer, have celebrated the union of a man and woman in lifelong, covenant marriage.  In June, we rejoiced with Titus Williamson and Kate McCabe who were married on the 12th, as well as, Maddy Steinbeck and Chris Garcia who got married on the 25th.  Both Titus and Maddy grew up at Crosspoint.  Then in July, we celebrated with Crosspointers Tom Hantak and Ally Shawgo who were married on the 18th and then with Bryant Kempf and Andrea Purcell who were married on the 31st.  Thank you Lord for the transforming you are doing in the lives of these children of yours.  Bless them abundantly as they begin the adventure of a Christ-centered marriage together. 


Our Triune God exists in perfect community.  Father, Son, Spirit.  We have been made in His image and likeness, and because of that, we have been designed to live life in community with other believers.  We were not designed to live in isolation, but rather in mutual, gospel centered community with one another in the family of God.  We are so encouraged to see Crosspointers preparing to launch new community groups this fall, and to see a growing hunger among our people to prioritize life with one another. 


Recently, we invited a Crosspointer to try out a serving role.  Her reply when we asked was this… “This is 100% out of my comfort zone, but I am around and willing!”  We love the honestly, and we love the willingness to step out of a comfort zone and trust the Lord!  If we’re honest, we’ve all felt that at some point in our faith journeys.  May the Lord enable His people to be faith-walkers in the months and year ahead.  People who are willing and ready to GO as a way of life. 


From July 11-15, our summer Vacation Bible School took place.  So many evidences of His grace and power at work through this mission and ministry opportunity.  Over 150 kids were engaged in attending.  Around 100 volunteers were active in serving in front and behind the scenes.  Over $2500 was raised to support the mission of Sweet Sleep (sweetsleep.org).  Praise God for the opportunity to open our doors and welcome people in!  May the Lord cause the growth.  Thank you to those who showed and told of Jesus and His Good News! 


The Lord Jesus has called us to love one another as His people.  Because He first loved us, we are to love one another.  So we are greatly encouraged to see Crosspointers seeking to live out this command as a way of life.  For instance…providing meals to bless new parents or those recovering from surgery, giving of their time to sit with and be prayerfully present with those who are grieving or hurting, introducing themselves to people they don’t know on a Sunday to create an outward, welcoming environment, giving generously of their money to serve those in need. 


What may appear to be a seemingly small step of faith and obedience, is often not such a small step at all.  For instance, months ago, a Crosspointer felt led to give dollars specifically to go toward purchasing new CSB study Bibles so that we could give them away to people.  We’ve given away several since then, including just recently when a husband and father asked for a new study Bible to take and begin to use at home.  Giving of our money, asking for a free resource…these are ‘small steps,’ but in the kingdom of God, they lead to big spiritual growth.  Thank you Lord for how you’re leading your people to walk by faith! 


Our summer Vacation Bible School starts tonight!  We have well over 125 children pre-registered for the event, the largest number we’ve ever experienced!  The Crosspointers who have committed time and energy to prepare for this summer’s mission event are an evidence of His grace!  Those who will serve this week, are an evidence of His grace!  Lord, we pray that you would enable your people to faithfully plant and water seeds of your Good News this week, and may you cause the growth!  For your glory alone! 


Earlier in June, we hosted our first workshop for the summer called ‘Engaging your kids with intentional questions.’  Crosspointers, Steven and Lauren Sauder coordinated this workshop.  We were so encouraged to see over 10 households with kids of various ages engage with this opportunity.  May the Lord enable parents to reflect the fullness of His grace and truth to the next generation (John 1:14).  May the Lord enable parents to be quick to listen, slow to speak (James 1:19).