Evidences of God’s Grace: April-June 2022

On a weekly basis in our Sunday program, we share evidences of God’s grace and work in the life of Crosspoint and our community.  Below, are the evidences (April-June 2022) collected into one post. May these lead us to an attitude of thankfulness to and worship of our God who is at work, not only through us, but in us.  You can read past evidences here.


Earlier this month, we received this encouraging note from a newer household at Crosspoint.  “We have been attending a church 30 minutes away but have recently felt God calling us to plug more into our local community. We finally decided to check our Crosspoint and we are glad we did!  Our girls LOVED SonChasers and our oldest asked to come back before we had even left. 🙂  We will definitely be coming back!”  It is so encouraging to see believers in Christ desiring to engage in ministry and mission in their local community! 


When the Lord’s people pursue spiritual growth in Christ, it is an evidence of the Spirit’s work.  For instance, during this last semester of community groups, we heard stories of brothers and sisters discussing subjects of theology and the study of who the Lord is; reading doctrinally solid books that led to good conversation, let alone, the habit of reading.  In Christ, we are disciples who are learning and growing up in the Lord Jesus!  May we continue to grow up into Him, who is the Head of the Body.


Recently community group leaders have shared how they have seen evidences of God’s grace in their groups.  For instance, brothers and sisters in Christ intentionally making time for one another outside of their regular group times; asking questions of one another that lead to depth of sharing beyond the surface subjects; and pursuing to bear one another’s burdens in the way of Christ.  Life in community with one another is how we’ve been designed to live.


The Lord Jesus has called us to love one another as His people.  Because He first loved us, we are to love one another.  So we are greatly encouraged to see Crosspointers seeking to live out this command as a way of life within the family of God.  For instance, providing meals and physical gifts to bless others, providing housing for fellow believers in town temporarily, giving of their time to be prayerfully present with those who are grieving or hurting, and pursuing those who have been absent.  Let us continue to pursue a love for one another that would glorify the Lord! 


Earlier in May, we celebrated 10 years of being at our current physical location.  Over 500 Sunday mornings, let alone countless other types of gatherings.  Over and over, through the testimony of the Scriptures, to the history of the New Testament church, to the short history of our church (19 years, the last 10 of which in the building); what we see is that the Lord is forever faithful to His people.  He is our Chief Shepherd, and this church will forever be built on Him as the cornerstone.  He is able, He is good, He is at work, and He will get all the glory.


Crosspointer, Cheri Boles, is an evidence of God’s grace.  Cheri is our children’s ministry director, and has been on staff for two years now.  She joined the team in the middle of the pandemic, and has been walking by faith ever since.  She is faithful, available and teachable!  We are grateful for her passion to see children taught, be shown, and personally know the love of our God as displayed in the gospel.  We are thankful for how Crosspointers have joined her, and continue to join her, in the mission to make disciples of Jesus, reaching and preparing the next generation. 


Faith Catour is a student at Eureka College and has been engaged at Crosspoint over the past couple years.  She is studying Elementary/Special Education and Spanish.  Since coming to school, Cru campus ministry has been a major part of her grow in her faith.  As a GO (missions) team, we were able to help support ($750) her upcoming 10-week summer mission project with Cru.  She’ll be alongside about 60 other college students, living in Ocean City, NJ, working, growing and learning together.  Summer mission is a time of intense evangelistic training, designed to not only prepare her for the rest of college but ultimately her future.  Let’s be prayerful for Faith, this summer.


Recently a Crosspoint household shared that when they get home from work, their routine often includes, shutting down the Wi-Fi router, turning off their phones, and trying to limit external distractions.  These intentional actions enable them to focus more on one another and their son during the evening hours.  Instead of consuming content via screens, they seek to spend time purposeful time reading the Word and having conversations around faith and life. 


In fall of 2019, Redeemer Community Church in Minonk began Sunday services.  Crosspoint, partnered up with Community Bible Fellowship in El Paso and Christ Community Church in Gridley, to plant this new work.  Recently, a Crosspointer was looking for a way to honor the passing of a loved one, and his idea was to purchase a portable baptistery to be used in the local church.  This very generous gift will be given to Redeemer to be used in their Great Commission work of going, teaching, and baptizing (Matthew 28:28-20)!


Recently shared by a Crosspointer… “And God is good. Sometimes I get wrapped up in myself and my own circumstances and when I step back and look around at other people around me and around the world, I realize that God is good to me. I have a job, a daughter that is pretty awesome, a house, a car to drive, a church family that I care about and cares about me. Most importantly, I have a God that loves me.”  Praise God for brothers and sisters in Christ seeking to live out 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.


Two years ago, in 2020, we didn’t gather in-person on Easter.  We were scattered throughout homes, apartments, and dorm room; and the Crosspoint Living Room was absent except for a handful of people.  Last year, we did gather in-person, and yet spread between two services.  Today is a sweet day, church family, as we gather together, to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.  To be able to gather, is in and of itself, a gift and a grace of the Lord.  One that we will not take for granted, and one that we give thanks for.  May the Lord continue to strengthen and build His church in the months ahead! 


Shared by a Crosspointer who has recently become a covenant member. “We felt welcomed and sermons gave some meaning that we could take and relate. I don’t think it was until coming here that I truly started to understand the Word and what it meant for me and everyone around me…I can’t tell you the specific day I can just tell you that I feel different. I am different now. I still struggle at times as we all do and I am like a baby still learning but it has shaped me into being a better mother, a better wife, a better friend. I am not as anxious or angry and I try hard to not be afraid of the things going on in the world around me.” Praise God!


A Crosspoint member recently shared this, “We set a goal last year to pay off our house by the end of 2022 as it is our last remaining debt. I sold a vehicle a couple years ago as a part of getting out of debt and have been looking for my next “toy”. On a Sunday morning, I saw a vehicle slightly out of price range and even asked about it, and was already planning on how to make the drive to Chicago to get it, all the while knowing it’s not quite time. Enter the sermon that morning and then a conviction that it’s not time. Together, we have a goal to not be slave to the lender…I cannot be a selfish leader and put my desires above what we have fought hard to achieve.” Praise God for believers who listen to the Spirit!