Evidences of God’s Grace: January – March 2023

On a weekly basis in our Sunday program, we share evidences of God’s grace and work in the life of Crosspoint and our community.  Below, are the evidences (January-March 2023) collected into one post. May these lead us to an attitude of thankfulness to and worship of our God who is at work, not only through us, but in us.  You can read past evidences here.


The Scriptures call us to live out the 50+ New Testament one another’s for His glory and our good.  We are not called to live in isolation, but united together as we follow Jesus.  So we rejoice when we see brothers and sisters in Christ taking steps toward one another.  For instance, sharing where they are in need or struggling in sin.  When the circle of believers widens around us, and we invite others into the vulnerable spaces of our hearts, it is an evidence of His grace.


Yesterday, 13 Crosspointers arrived in Reynosa, Mexico to serve alongside Isaiah 55 Ministries for the upcoming week.  We’re grateful for the gospel work Isaiah 55 has been doing in that region for years, and we’re thankful for the opportunity to join them in what the Lord is doing.  Pray for the team of both adults and students as they work and serve unto the Lord. May they be a blessing to the mission there.


The Exodus story of the Lord powerfully setting His people free from enslavement, points us forward to gospel.  That in Christ, we’ve been set free from the penalty and power of sin, and one day in glory, we’ll be set free from the presence of sin. We rejoice when the Lord is graciously and powerfully setting His people free from addiction to earthly substances. Praise God for His deliverance!


Behind the scenes ministry and service, while often not seen, is a gift to the local church.  We are so thankful for those who serve in ways unseen, but for the good of the church and the glory of our God.  In our minds are people like our IT team, audio/visual team members, our custodian (Gerry Hetz), those who plow our parking lot and shovel our sidewalks with snow falls, and on and on.  The patience, diligence, and humility of these brothers and sisters are a great joy.


How encouraging to see over 100 people signed up and engaged in our current Living 3D Together class!  We love to see the living room full of men and women, from students to adults, seeking to grow together as we live devoted to Jesus, dedicated to one another, and driven to reach people.  We love to see how the Lord is using the gifts and passions of Pastor Dave and Jessica Wolfe for the building up and strengthening of the Body of Christ!  


Parenting teaches us to pray!  Seeking to shepherd children in the way of Jesus and in the fullness of His grace and truth, teaches us that we are utterly dependent upon the Lord in all ways.  That we are not able to transform the human heart, but He is!  And so we rejoice when the Lord graciously answers the prayers of parents, and when children walk in step with the Lord.  In mind, is that of a high school student who following a season of straying, has humbly and sweetly returned to the Lord.  Heaven rejoices when we repent (Luke 15), and we too rejoice in the amazing grace of our God!  


We love to hear how our Hype students (6th-12th grades) are asking theological questions of their leaders, and seeking to grow in their understanding and knowledge of the Lord!  These students have the capacity to not only grow in their understanding of math, science, the arts, and other subjects, but also gospel-centered, life giving Biblical doctrine.  May we be active in praying Colossians 1:9-14 for these students, their parents, and their Hype leaders.  


We recently received this really encouraging note from Crosspointers who had walked through a challenging set of weeks and months that kept them from gathering consistently with other believers.  Praise God for parents such as these, and others, who are seeking to follow the Lord and shepherd and lead their children to do the same.  “We realize we cannot effectively shepherd our children, strengthen our relationship with Christ and grow in our faith if we let the lesser important things stand in the way and become excuses and obstacles. We look forward to seeing you all, enjoying fellowship and resetting what our priorities should be and breaking those chains.”


In fall of 2019, Redeemer Community Church in Minonk began Sunday services.  Crosspoint, partnered up with Community Bible Fellowship in El Paso and Christ Community Church in Gridley, to plant this new work.  We rejoice that on January 1, Redeemer celebrated their first baptisms of their ministry!  Five brothers and sisters in Christ went public with their faith and confessed of the Lord’s gracious and good work in their lives.  Praise God for He causes the growth!  


In late 2022, we sent off Christmas gifts to our missionary friends in Papua New Guinea.  Here was one of their replies.  Thank you for giving generously in order to bless and love them, Crosspoint!  “Please pass along our HUGE THANK YOU to you all at Crosspoint (especially you all who shopped and packaged and shipped)!! the Christmas package you sent to our family was absolutely AMAZING.  Just unbelievable!! You blessed our family SO SO much! Our first Christmas in Kuyu was so extra special because of your package and our kids (and us adults as well) were beside themselves over the presents!  Your care of our team and generosity to us has continued to blow us away. Thank you SO much!!!!”


Our Ethnos360 missionary partners and friends in Papua New Guinea are an evidence of God’s grace!  We thank the Lord for the LeBlanc’s, DeValve’s and Ames’ families, who are on mission to the Kuyu people.  The Lord has sustained them through house building in the bush, let alone an earthquake in the midst of building.  Pray for them as they begin language study and immerse themselves alongside the Kuyu.  We recently were able to increase our monthly financial support of them.  We are “Blessed to be a blessing” (Genesis 12).


We are so encouraged by the generosity of God’s people, and how Jesus, our Chief Shepherd, continues to provide for His church. Thank you fellow Crosspointers for how you are sowing into the kingdom of God and investing into the Lord’s work in and through His church.  The Lord is able to do more than we ask for or imagine, and may it be for His glory in the church and throughout all generations (Ephesians 3:20-21).  


Be encouraged by this testimony shared by newer covenant members of Crosspoint, “From the moment we first walked in the Crosspoint doors, we have heard the Bible being taught in its truth.  Crosspoint teaches directly from the Bible and does not conform to the norms of society to jeopardize the Word of God. We appreciate the focus that is put on prayer and community within the Church. We have advanced further in our discipleship and walk with Christ than ever before.”  All glory to the God who is causing the growth!