Husbands, love your wives

Colossians 3:19:  Husbands, love your wives and do not be harsh with them.  The word for love here in verse 19 refers to the kind of sacrificial, self-giving, I-will-lay-down-my-life kind of love.  A love that was best modeled and displayed by Jesus Himself.  Just a few verses earlier in Colossians 3, we see Paul talking […]

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After the kids are gone…

Heather and I have been married for nearly 20 years.  We’re only about 3.5 years away from potentially being empty-nesters.  And we would tell you that the first nearly 17 years of parenting has seemed to fly by, so I can only imagine how quickly these next few years will go.  The speed seems to […]

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Opening the Bible…together

As we continue our journey through the Bible chronologically (via The Gospel Project), I hope your family is enjoying new opportunities to open the Bible and discuss together.  We’ve certainly read enough for questions to arise from kids: Why did God create the world?  Why would one brother plot and steal from another?  How do […]

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The Gospel Project for Kids

Exciting NEW things are happening at SonChasers! After a year-long search, we’ve landed on a dynamic new children’s curriculum called “The Gospel Project for Kids” (by Lifeway Press).  Here are some things we learned along the way: The Bible is God’s Story, and because I’m His child, it’s my story, too. The “stories” in the […]

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God Speaks Through Our Kids

From Matt Wiegand… I appreciate how our Father in heaven speaks to us through our kids. Seems as though as I parent my boys, I continue to recognize areas in my life God is sanctifying me in. Recently I noticed my son struggling with worrying about what others might think. It was almost handicapping his […]

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Tree House

From Kevin Funk… Right now my wife and I are attending the Grace Based Parenting class at Crosspoint. It started about 3 weeks ago and already I feel like I’ve learned a lot. Since parenting is up close and personal on a weekly basis, I felt like I should pass on some info I recently […]

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Let’s talk about…

In the midst of ‘The Adventure’ series, our study through the Song of Solomon, one question that might have come up is ‘How do I talk to my children about sex?’  I’ve heard that question from parents of elementary aged children to those who have teenagers. Many of us didn’t have a great experience with […]

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