Reflections On 15 Years

And what we know from looking backward, not just at 15 years at Crosspoint, but more importantly at the whole of Scripture.  What we know is that the Lord has been, is presently, and will be faithful to His people.  To generation after generation. May we be found faithful as we follow Him!  And may our worship of Him only grow as we reflect on His faithfulness.

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Anticipating in 2017

On Sunday, December 18, we shared some vision on something we are anticipating as a church in 2017… We’ve been at our current location since April 2012.  God has been so faithful to us as a church through the years, and has really worked through the generosity of His people since our start.  We were […]

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Crosspoint Culture

Crosspoint Community Church Culture Culture is defined as a way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in a place or organization.  Every local church has a unique culture.  Sure there are similarities, and there should be among New Testament churches.  But how would we describe the culture around Crosspoint? Devoted to Jesus Our foundation […]

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Kingdom Partnership

Around Crosspoint, one thing we talk about is that we desire to have a Kingdom mindset.  That we’re not out to build Crosspoint’s Kingdom, but God’s Kingdom.  We’re not in competition with other churches that preach the Good News and who are founded and built on Jesus and His Word, but we’re in partnership with […]

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3 Temptations We Face

On March 1, we announced the incredible news that we are debt free, in less than four years of when this NEXT journey began, in less than 3 years of us even meeting in our current location! With such great news, here are three temptations we face. First of all.  We make this about us.  […]

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Four Lies in a Growing Church

When the vision of Crosspoint began, there were 8 adults who gathered in a small group.  When Sunday mornings began in 2003, we had 75 people coming on a Sunday.  By God’s grace, we’ve grown over the years.  In a growing church, there are lies that we can be tempted to believe.  I think these […]

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