Anticipating in 2017

On Sunday, December 18, we shared some vision on something we are anticipating as a church in 2017…

We’ve been at our current location since April 2012.  God has been so faithful to us as a church through the years, and has really worked through the generosity of His people since our start.  We were mobile for 6 years before our current location, and for God to provide our current property at just the right time was a huge blessing and evidence of His grace.

In early 2015, again by God’s grace and the generosity of His people, we were able to pay off the remaining debt for the purchase and remodel of the building and have been debt free for the past nearly 2 years.

When we moved to our current property, we knew that at some point we’d be adding on and expanding the footprint of the building.  We had enough space to make things work and grow as a church, but we also planned all along that we’d be adding on at some point.

And so in early 2017, we are going to start gathering input from ministry teams and leaders on what their needs and wants are when it comes to a phase 2 building expansion.  We are going to start walking by faith toward the vision of expanding the facilities and abilities of this property.  What we envision at this point is that a phase 2 expansion would allow us more space to do more ministry to more people.  Specifically, in the areas of SonChasers, Hype, and community groups and our disciplemaking efforts.  For instance in SonChasers, grades 1st through 4th all meet in mobile classrooms in the corners of the family room.  It works, and yet there are challenges in that and opportunities we’d gain if those groups had their own classroom.  We’d love to see our Hype student ministry have some additional space for ministry and outreach efforts.  We’d love to have the ability for community groups to meet or disciplemaking classes to gather, and yet still have plenty of space for children or students to meet and gather at the same time.

As an elder team, we believe God is calling us to begin walking by faith toward that vision.  And the first step will be to get leaders and ministry teams together to brainstorm, dream, and pray about how ministry could grow in effectiveness and outreach if the Lord were to provide more and/or different facility space.

This past summer, we wrote what we call the ‘Crosspoint Culture.’  It is our way of describing life around Crosspoint and the picture of the church we both are and desire to grow into.  One of those sentences says this…As God’s people we are called to walk and live by faith. So we’re ok with change, trying something new, and trusting in the God who knows and sees all.

That is who we are as a church, and who we’ve been since meeting in a storefront, to meeting in a school, to now meeting at our current location.  We desire to be a people of God who would not walk by sight or walk in our own wisdom, but rather walk by faith and seek God’s wisdom and rely upon Him.

We are a church full of doers and git r’ dun folks.  I think that comes with being a church plant, and many of us setting up and tearing down for 6 years.  And I love that about the culture we have around here, but with that comes the potential of us to try to move ahead on something like this in our own strength or power.

So what I want to remind us of as a church, what I want to remind my own heart of, is that this walk of faith toward the vision of a phase 2 expansion begins with prayer.  Yes, we’ll be gathering input and ideas from ministry leaders, and that is the beginning of the practical side of things.  But underlying this entire journey, must be us as God’s people confessing our dependency upon the Lord.  It needs to be us in a posture of knees bent, hands open, saying, God you move and work.  God you provide.  God you lead.  God you give wisdom and clarity of thought.  God may you be glorified, and may you give us the supernatural ability to trust in you and your ways, and not in ours.

The very last sentence of our Crosspoint Culture says this, In the end, our goal is not to bring Crosspoint glory, but God glory. We’re shining His light, expanding His Kingdom, and seeking to leave an eternal impact on our community and world.

That is our heart as a church, including when we are exploring the idea of a phase 2 building.  We want God to be glorified, not us.  We want His Kingdom advanced, not ours.  And we want to leave His mark on this community and world, not ours.

So with that reminder, may we be people of prayer, laying our requests before the Lord and waiting expectantly (Psalm 5:3), and may we walk and live by faith as we, together, trust in Him.

If you have any questions and/or thoughts, please talk to a member of our elder team or staff.