The Unknown

There is just something about the unknown.  Something about it that can make us uneasy, unsure, and uncertain.  And yet the ‘unknown’ is something that we face continually in life.  The first day of Kindergarten, High School, or college.  The first day on the job at a new company.  The first day on the team, or that first drive home from the hospital with a new child.  I don’t think I’ve ever driven so carefully as when we drove our two kids home from the hospital.

There is also something exciting about the unknown.  In all the scenarios above, it wasn’t just uncertainty that we felt, but also excitement and anticipation for what was around the corner.  In the case of a child, Heather and I remember looking at Maddy as a newborn and having thoughts of, “I wonder what she will do when she grows up” or  “I wonder what her personality will be like.”

The ironic thing is that the ‘unknown’ is a ‘constant’ in our lives.  The Bible reminds us multiple times that “The righteous shall live by faith.” (i.e.: Habakkuk 2:2).  I believe in the seasons of the unknown is where the Lord is often most at work in our hearts and lives.  I know it has been that way for me.  When I left State Farm, I remember thinking, “Well Lord, I’m completely trusting in you.”  The truth that God is sovereign and in control is something that brings rest to a believer’s life.

As we approach launching a second service (on March 31), there is a fair amount of unknown that we are all facing.  Will the attendance be similar in both services?  What will the time between services and transition in and out of the doors look like?  What will the breakdowns look like among the different age groups and services in SonChasers?

In our short history as a church, we’ve faced our fair share of the unknown.  Launching our first Sunday service and wondering who would show up.  Moving to the Middle School and wondering what set-up and tear-down would look like.  Hiring staff and wondering what kind of impact it would have.  Walking through our first capital campaign, and wondering how God would provide.  The list goes on…

One continual theme through all of the ‘unknown’ has been that God has been faithful.  He has not forsaken or left His church to fend for itself.  He continually provides, leads, and directs His church, and to those truths, I’m so thankful and grateful.

Crosspoint, I’m ready to move into this new season of the unknown.  I’ve already seen how, in just the past few months, the Lord has been drawing me to a deeper trust and reliance on His wisdom and direction.  That seems like a fitting posture for God’s people and church.  That we would not trust in ourselves or what we know or have seen, but trust in our infinitely wise and powerful God.

Looking forward to what is next…