Monday Encouragement – 1/14/13

Hey Crosspoint –

This past Sunday, we were in week 2 of our series called Multiply.  We looked at 1 Corinthians 12, and some truths of how a New Testament, missional, healthy, God-glorifying Body of Christ functions and operates.  Specifically, we talked about 4 truths:  Unity, Uniqueness, Interdependence, and Worth.  I pray it was a timely encouragement and challenge to our hearts.  If you missed it, listen online.

Our challenge this week is to spend intentional time in prayer.  That may seem like a step that is just assumed, but I think we skip over it all too often.  We neglect the truth that our Heavenly Father wants to speak to us, and He loves to hear our voice.  So this week, set aside time to pray.  Asking the Lord, what part do you want me to play in this move to two services?  Where would you have me serve?  How have you gifted and wired me?  Give me wisdom, clarity and discernment.  If I’m not serving, where should I begin serving Lord?  If I am serving, Lord, encourage my heart, hands, and feet to continue to do your will and be faithful to the call.

So this week…shut off the TV, get away from the electronic device, step away from Facebook, turn off the radio, and get quiet before the Lord and pray.  If you’re married, pray with your spouse.  If you have kids, no matter their ages, include them in prayer.  If your community group is gathering, spend time praying together.

I don’t believe there is something more important we could do as a church, than to spend time in prayer this week.  This is His church.  He’s the Chief Shepherd.  This is His Body, and His Good News, and this is His message we are proclaiming to the world.  So I am confident that an ever faithful God will continue to be faithful to His church.

Together, we are building 3D relationships.  Together, we serve and give of ourselves.  Together we are driven to reach more people for Jesus.  And together, we form the Body of Christ.  All for His glory.