Mythbusters – Crosspoint is like Wal-Mart

It seems part of Wal-Mart’s marketing strategy is to have something for everyone.  Under one roof, you can get your banking or hair done, your oil or your medications changed, grab some new clothes, a cucumber or two, get supplies for your baby or your pet, or check out the latest in electronics, crafts, or kitchen utensils.  The list could go on, but you get the idea.

We know that as a church, we won’t be all things to all people.  Our music style may not fit everyone, or the teaching/preaching style may not be what some desire.  And we may not have the exact program that someone is looking for in a church.  And we’re the first ones to admit that we won’t be like Wal-Mart in that way, and in the end, we’re OK with that.

From the beginning, we have felt like God has asked us to remain simple and focused on a handful of things for greater effectiveness and excellence in ministry.  Such a philosophy of ministry has served us well through our nearly 10 years, and the growth we have seen and the transitions that we have gone through.

For those 9+ years, our focus has been around 5 big areas of ministry:   Sundays @ Crosspoint, SonChasers, HYPE, 3D Community Groups, and Missions.  And at the core of all 5 of those ministries is our vision of Building 3D Relationships.  So for example, in SonChasers and HYPE, we want the next generation growing to be more devoted to Jesus, dedicated to one another, and driven to reach people.  Same vision for all 5 ministries.

We believe that with greater focus, comes greater effectiveness.  With greater simplicity, comes greater excellence in ministry.  We want everything that we do to have purpose behind it.  So the reason that we do an event or a ministry should not be ‘Well, we’ve always done that event, or we’ve always done it that way.’  Instead, the reason behind the ministry that we do should be, ‘It is effective in pursuing our vision of Building 3D Relationships.’  For example, through the years, our summer VBS has proven to be an effective way to reach our community, raise up volunteers, and invest into the next generation as they grow to love God and love people.  The fact that ‘we’ve always done it,’ is not our motivation.  Rather the ways that God has used it to impact children and households through the years, is.

Does this thinking of simplicity mean that we won’t ever add/subtract ministries or change as we grow?  Not at all.  In many ways, change is good, and as a church, we must continually be open to the Lord’s direction and the calling He has on us as a church.  Had we not been open to change, we would still be gathering at a storefront, and would not have reached many who now call Crosspoint their home.

Our desire is to remain simple and focused in what we do, and why we do it.  I’m thankful for this great mission that Jesus has called us to, and I’m thankful to serve alongside one another as we pursue it.  All for His glory!