Update: Crosspoint Mission Trip to Reynosa – March 2014

In March, we announced that we are planning a mission trip to Isaiah 55 Deaf Ministries in March 2014.  Below is an update giving you additional details on the trip:


Mission Trip Dates:  

Saturday, March 22 – Saturday, March 29, 2014


2014 Mission Trip Prices: 

Under 2 – free

2-10 years old – $250

11+ years old – $590

Families of four or more – 20% discount

*This does not include airfare/travel costs.  You will also need the appropriate documentation (i.e.: passport) for travel across the border. 


Maximum Size of the Team:

The maximum number who can participate in the trip is around 50, due to space limitations on site in Reynosa.


Deadline to Sign-Up/Deposit:

The deadline to sign-up is August 31, 2013.  This allows us time to make proper travel arrangements, do some training and team building gatherings, etc. prior to the trip.  A $100 deposit per person is required by the deadline (checks can be made out to Crosspoint Community Church).  If you know for sure that you are in, then please contact Dave so that we can have a running list.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I bring my child(ren)?  Children are allowed to be a part of this trip.  Sleeping arrangements are boys in one part of the building, and then girls in another.  So for example, a son should be old enough to handle themselves since mom would be in another section overnight.  Children should be at the point where they can work and/or contribute to the ministry being accomplished.  We’ve had elementary aged children go before, and it has been a meaningful experience for them.

What kind of fund raising will be involved?  We anticipate doing at least one large fund raiser for the trip (i.e.: garage sale).  The proceeds from the fund raising would then be split among the members of the team.  It would be expected that all team members would serve and contribute to the fund raising event.  We would also encourage team members to ask for donations from family members and friends who would like to give to such a trip, in addition to personally saving for the trip.  The money spent to be a part of such an experience is more than simply a cost, but an investment into Isaiah 55 and the Lord’s work in your own life.

What work/ministry will we be involved in while there?  With it being this far out from the trip itself, we are not exactly sure the work that we will be involved in.  We anticipate it will be some sort of combination between sports camps and construction projects (both of which we have been involved in during previous trips).  We trust that Isaiah 55 will use us how they best see fit, and simply want to serve and come alongside them in the ministry.

Is it safe?  Yes.  Any feedback that we’ve gotten from Crosspointers who have gone before has been they felt safe while in Mexico.  The staff at Isaiah 55 takes the necessary precautions while teams are there.

Other questions…feel free to contact Dave (dave@crosspointcc.org) or 309-467-4968.