Mythbusters – Crosspoint will do things exactly like your old church

On a weekly basis, we see new guests attend a service at Crosspoint.  It is so exciting to new people walking in our doors each week, and we are grateful for the work the Lord is doing in and through Crosspoint’s ministry.  He gets the glory and credit!

And whether we have been at Crosspoint for 1 week, or 10 years, we all come from different backgrounds and have unique stories.  Some of us, prior to coming to Crosspoint, haven’t attended a church in months, years or ever.  Some of us grew up in a church, but for whatever reason, stepped away and our faith began to wither.  Some of us can’t remember ever not going to church, and you can trace the legacy of Jesus through previous generations.

And some of us, who come to Crosspoint, we are arriving after having attended or been a part of another church.  And for various reasons, you are now here at Crosspoint.  Maybe you were hurt at your last church when someone gossiped about you.  Or you felt on the fringe of your previous church and not very connected to the ministry of the Body.  Or it was a dying or plateaued church, and it seemed that there wasn’t much abundant life or joy.

Or maybe you didn’t want to drive that far anymore, or you wanted to connect your children to a local children’s or student ministry.  Or you’re new to the area after having lived in another state or area of Illinois.  Or it could be that your life is in some sort of crisis, and you’re trying to run from it right now, hoping it will either subside or ‘go away’ by switching to another church.  Or it could be possible, that you had some sort of conflict with the church’s leaders or you didn’t agree with what it taught or believed.  Maybe talk of the Gospel, Jesus, or the Word of God wasn’t happening much, and the church became simply a social club.

There are lots of reasons as to why you may be here at Crosspoint now.  On a side note, if you do have unresolved relational conflict at your previous church or when you search your heart there is a bitter root growing, I encourage you to go make it right.  To give and receive forgiveness.  For the sake of the Kingdom and the name of Jesus.

My encouragement to those who have come from another church…Crosspoint is not your old church.  There may be similarities in the message, and I hope there would be in the core tenants of our faith.  More than likely though, there are differences in the methods or ‘style’ of Crosspoint versus the church you came from.

Sometimes people begin statements like this, “Well at my old church…” and then they go on to share about the one or two things they loved about their previous church experience.  Maybe it was the music, or the preaching, or the fellowship events, or the church governance, or the activities for kids.  And we’re not against creative ideas at all.  In fact, we learn a lot from other churches and their experiences and wisdom.  It would be pretty silly and arrogant to think we can’t or shouldn’t.  We’re continually learning.

In the same breath, Crosspoint’s ministry style, methods and how and why we do certain things, won’t be exactly like your last church.  And that’s OK.  So jump in, get involved, join us in this grand mission.  Partner with us as we pursue the vision of Building 3D Relationships.