Back in June some HYPE students and leaders went on a missions trip to Mississippi to partner with Relevant Ministry.  A few students had the opportunity to share about their experience in the Sunday service after we got back from the trip, but not everyone that wanted to share had the chance to.  Below is a testimony from Maddy Steinbeck about what God revealed to her on the trip.

“To me, being a missionary has always meant going to different countries and sharing the word of God to others.  That is true but it can be something else on many different levels!  I have always had a passion for Mexico.  I have gone there 2 times before and it has changed my perspective of the world, the people in the world, how much America is blessed, and God amazing love for all of us!  I want to be a missionary there someday and work with Isaiah 55 Deaf Ministries.  

I went on a missions trip in June for a week to Mississippi and I worked with Relevant Ministry.  On Wednesday of that week Relevant Ministry hosted a shrimp boil for the community.  At the end of the evening, Jeff Hegstrom was praying for God to make it clear of what His plan was for us.  All of a sudden I heard this little sound in my head saying ‘missionary’.  I talked to Angie Hegstrom about it and she said that that was God’s voice speaking to me!  I was thrilled and excited that God wanted me to be a missionary!  Although, I was kind of confused because God never said to specifically go to Mexico.  I also talked to Angie about that and she said that that was the devil trying to confuse me.  She told me that it is God’s timing when He wants to tell me where I am going or if I am even going to be missionary at all!  

The next day Brad Houchin gave a message about being a missionary wherever you go!  I was shocked because you can be a missionary when you go to the grocery store, or go to practice, or go to a reunion!  You can be the light of the Jesus (missionary) wherever you go!  It doesn’t have to be to a different country, state, or even town!  You can be a missionary in your own community, with your neighbors, and the people you interact with everyday!  I am not fixated on Mexico anymore!  I am more focused on showing the love of Jesus and being a missionary in my community and everywhere I go!”

Where is YOUR missionary field?  Who are YOU reaching with the love of Jesus?