“As a HYPE student, I gave to NEXT because…”

Below is a testimony from a Crosspoint HYPE student that gave toward the vision of NEXT and Finish the Work.  God continues to change lives, and is using ordinary people to pursue an extraordinary eternal mission!  Crosspoint, thank you for continuing to say YES to Him!



When they announced the NEXT campaign, I told my parents right away I wanted to give.  As a HYPE student, I gave to NEXT because I felt it was a good opportunity to give to the church and serve God that way!  My parents reminded me that this amount needed to be on top of the money that I was already tithing.  I had been taught to tithe 10%, save 50% and then the rest is left for spending.  So, when I committed to giving every week for NEXT I knew that the little I got for allowance each week would be spoken for and I would have no spending money.  In fact, I knew I would have to take money I earned from my summer job to cover my NEXT commitment.  However, I am happy to give and would do it again if I had the opportunity.  The Lord showed me how He took care of me no matter what the circumstances.  I still had plenty of spending money and was able to purchase some items I had been saving up for.  The Lord gives me so much and I wanted to give back to God and my church.